Lil Wayne Unwraps Latest Skateboarding Injury, “This Tape Keeps My Bone From Popping Out Of My Skin”

Lil Wayne Unwraps Latest Skateboarding Injury, “This Tape Keeps My Bone From Popping Out Of My Skin”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently revealed a skateboarding injury he endured a few months ago and why he has sported a medical bandage as of late.

Wayne said he initially opted out of seeing a doctor to address his latest skateboarding injury.

“I broke my clavicle, like, two months ago. What happened was, I didn’t go to the doctor when I broke it, so it healed on its own,” Weezy explained. “Whenever you let a break heal on its own, it don’t heal right, so I got a lot of bone callouses around it. So this tape keeps my bone from popping out of my skin,” Wayne said, pointing to his shoulder with a childlike grin. “It’s fun.” (MTV)

Over the fall, Wayne opened up about a separate skateboarding crash he experienced.

“It wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t. It was real quick. Happened, and I was stitched up and went about my way. I told everybody. Everybody was like, “Oh, my God. You got nine stitches. You busted your head?” I was like, honestly, I fell so much harder in other places. Like, I wish you were there to see me really bust it. I busted my ass before, like, literally, this is nothing. These stitches are like–this is the first time I have seen blood shed, but I’ve fallen much harder than that.” (GQ)

In late August, Weezy F. Baby made headlines for his skating mishap.

Lil Wayne needed 9 stitches to close a bloody wound over his left eye last night … after crashing HARD at a skateboard park in St. Louis. Weezy was treated at a local hospital — and one witness told a local TV station the rapper was accompanied by several members of his entourage. According to the hospital, Wayne was treated and released. (TMZ)

The platinum-selling rapper recently launched his own clothing line geared toward skateboarders.

Thursday night (Jan. 12), the ‘John’ rapper threw a party for his new clothing line, held at El Privado inside Hotel Americano in New York City. was witness to the festivities and those in attendance, including models wearing silver face paint and wearing Wayne’s Trukfit gear. The rap star showed up to the event, snapped photos and showed off his appreciation for his brand by wearing one of the T-shirts. He chose to sport a pink one decorated with a fitted hat-wearing man holding a skateboard. Wayne’s tagline for the brand is “Respect Few, Fear None.” The Trukfit name was inspired by his youth. (The Boom Box)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne footage below:

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