Lil Wayne Undresses Wedding Plans: “I’ll Probably Slide Into The Preacher Like It Was Home Plate”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently gave his thoughts on love and when female fans can expect him to break their hearts by hanging up his player jersey to become a husband.

According to Weezy F. Baby, he envisions living happily ever after in the near future.

“Yup. Yeah, man, yup,” Wayne told MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway following the world premiere of his new video for “No Worries” when asked if sees himself as a soon-to-be married man. “Happily married too.” Weezy was so excited at the prospect of getting hitched that he drew a pretty funny analogy to one of his favorite sports. “I’ll probably run down the aisle,” he said in between his trademark giggle. “I’ll probably slide into the preacher like it was home plate.” (MTV)

Around Valentine’s Day, Weezy had to address rumors of him getting quietly hitched.

“Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant “she said yes” to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y’all krazy!,” he tweeted Wednesday (February 15). (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Earlier the same day, Wayne sent the Internet into a fury after making an open-ended tweet.

Lil Wayne had two reasons to celebrate on Valentine’s Day – he reportedly proposed to his girlfriend, who is also expecting a baby. The Lollipop hitmaker popped the question to cocktail waitress Dhea on Tuesday and he appears to have hinted at the happy news in a message. The post on Wednesday reads, “She said yes!” A representative for the star has yet to comment on the reports but sources tell Dhea is also pregnant. (Toronto Sun)

Reports claimed Weezy gave a secret lady something special the night before.

Lil Wayne pulled off the ultimate romantic gesture last night at a swanky Miami restaurant — slipping his girlfriend a FAT ring hidden inside a dessert … and then shouting to the restaurant, “SHE SAID YES!” Sources at Barton G restaurant tell TMZ, Weezy secretly handed wait staff a ring with a giant yellow rock on it during his meal — and asked them to slip it inside the restaurant’s signature sundae. Moments later, after the dessert was delivered to his table, we’re told Lil Wayne jumped up and shouted to the entire restaurant — “SHE SAID YES!!!” (TMZ)

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