Lil’ Wayne Springs A Leak, New Songs Hit The Net

Lil’ Wayne Springs A Leak, New Songs Hit The Net

Two unreleased Lil’ Wayne tracks titled “Hot Revolver” and “Troublemaker” leaked online yesterday (January 28) and are rumored to be songs from his upcoming Rebirth album.

“Hot Revolver” reportedly features Kevin Rudolf and has Weezy singing about a love interest.

“She said/Do you have the time/To listen to me whine/She’s asking whose on the other line/you diss me everytime/I tell ‘er/Baby I’mma star” (Z Share)

The other leaked song, “Troublemaker,” offers more of a hip-hop sound.

“Call me Mr. Kill ‘em All/B*tch n*gga don’t get involved/Shoot you on the front porch/And knock you to the back yard/knock your f*cking back off/knock your top rack off” (YouTube)

Weezy’s first Rebirth single was previously recently leaked online.

“Prom Queen,” the first track from US rapper Lil Wayne’s forthcoming rock album Rebirth, has leaked onto the internet. The song can currently be heard on YouTube, though we suspect that it may be taken down fairly soon (which may actually be a blessing). Featuring heavy guitars and the currently omnipresent hard Auto-Tuned vocal sound that has become one of Lil Wayne’s trademarks, “Prom Queen” doesn’t exactly bode well for his forthcoming long-player. (Music Radar)

The upcoming album is reportedly going to be rock-based.

Lil’ Wayne announced the official release date and title of his next album: Rebirth is due April 7 — and his publicist has confirmed to MTV News that it will be a rock album. The first single is called “Prom Queen” and will debut on the Internet right after a live stream of his concert in San Diego, California on January 27. (MTV)

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