Lil Wayne Shows No Love To The Big Apple

Lil Wayne Shows No Love To The Big Apple

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has promised to heighten his demands for performing in New York City by vowing not to hit the Big Apple stages without large lump sums of money.

According to Wayne, a resistance to perform in New York stems from his 2007 Manhattan gun possession arrest.

Lil Wayne has no more love for the Big Apple. The platinum rapper has vowed to never set foot on a New York stage again after his recent incarceration. Following his release from jail in November, Weezy made appearances on “NBC’s New Years Eve with Carson Daly” and “SNL,” both taped in New York City, but he has no plans to perform in concert there. “They’d have to give me U2 money,” he told Rolling Stone. Weezy’s feelings stem from his 2007 arrest in the city for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, for which he served eight months on Rikers Island. (Rap-Up)

Prior to settling for a Miami celebration, Wayne was expected to perform at a “Welcome Home” concert in New York following his jail sentence last November.

“I think the [Madison Square] Garden would be perfect. I wanna keep it Young Money,” YM CEO Mack Maine said in an interview. “I think we can hold our own. As far as his set, it would be nice to have features and cameos on his set. As far as who opens for him, it’ll be a no-brainer, Young Money could hold it down. Just have the big features on Wayne’s set. He’s gonna have a show, then go to the studio. I just had a birthday recently. I had four parties for my birthday. For him, it’s no telling how that week would go, how that month would go. Five months [would go]. We’re gonna party like when Frank came home in ‘King of New York.’ We’re gonna go crazy.” (MTV)

While incarcerated last summer, Wayne said he would use better caution after leaving jail.

“I’ll definitely move more carefully,” Wayne told radio personality Funkmaster Flex about precautions he will take after leaving Rikers Island in November. “Everybody says you’re here for a reason, so, I promise you Flex, I try to find that reason everyday. I think when I get out, that’ll be the only time I’ll know the answer…[I’m Not A Human Being EP] will drop before Tha Carter IV, only on the Internet. It’s stuff I recorded right before I came in. I don’t want the phone to hang-up on us so I want to say thank-you to all my fans and I love you Flex for giving me this opportunity…” (In Flex We Trust)

Before starting a one-year jail sentence, New York attorney Scott Leemon addressed Wayne’s case and cautioned the dangers of getting arrested with a gun in the Big Apple.

Had the rapper not struck a deal with prosecutors, he could have been looking at a mandatory minimum of three and a half years in prison if he was found guilty by trial. It’s worth noting that the minimum sentence was raised in 2006 after the New York Legislature passed a bill that increased the mark at the behest of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “Basically, the old law required someone to have a loaded weapon and intend to use it [before] the mandatory minimum would kick in,” Leemon said in an interview. “And basically, what they did is they took that out of the law. So the mere possession of a loaded weapon in New York State is a felony. That’s why you should not have a gun in New York.” (MTV)

Check out a past Lil Wayne interview down below:

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