Lil’ Wayne Says No To Metal Detectors, Rep Confirms

Lil Wayne

After speaking with a rep for the Boston radio station 94.5 FM, SOHH has learned that mega star Lil’ Wayne was a no show for a concert last night (October 28) in Bean Town due to security complications.

The self-proclaimed “Greatest Rapper Alive” was scheduled to perform for urban station 94.5’s Monster Jam event alongside other guests including Brandy, Yung Berg, Ne-Yo and Jay-Z. Billed to come on prior to the show’s closer, Jay-Z, the New Orleans-bred rapper was a no-show as crowd members anxiously chanted his name.

With scattered rumors beginning to circulate, a Monster Jam rep gave SOHH the inside scoop on what went down with Weezy’s missed appearance via a statement.
“Lil’ Wayne was at the show but refused to perform because he had to go through a metal detector,” the rep told SOHH. “He and his crew refused to comply to standard Boston Police Department guidelines and pass through a metal detector, that EVERY OTHER ARTIST, GUEST AND STAFF MEMBER adhered to, including JAY-Z and his guest LEBRON JAMES! Wayne actually cleared through security – TWICE, BUT then turned back and went to his vehicle after his crew refused to go through security.”
Another source attending the event also contacted SOHH to detail the audience’s reaction to Weezy’s no-show.
“They were tryin to get him back, but no dice,” a source wrote to SOHH. “Meanwhile, the DJ is stalling onstage, Weezy’s set is still up there and fans are like what the f*ck is going on. Then finally at 9:15, 15 minutes before his set was supposed to end (it was supposed to start at 8:45) they start breaking down Weezy’s set and buidling Jay’s.” 
While offering no explanation to the audience during the event, Jay was then introduced accompanied by DJ AM and provided a full 90-minute performance with various hits including “99 Problems,” “I Just Wanna Love You (Give It to Me),” “Can I Live” and many others, according to the Boston Globe. 

Weezy is currently scheduled to headline tonight’s sold out Power 105 FM Powerhouse concert alongside Jay, Ne-Yo and D-Block.

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