Lil Wayne Says Hey Mr. Carter, Gets Ready To Invade Jay Z’s Territory

Lil Wayne Says Hey Mr. Carter, Gets Ready To Invade Jay Z’s Territory

Young Money head Lil Wayne is reportedly expanding his music empire by branching into the sports world where artists like Jay Z have already found immediate success.

Speculation on what Wayne might have up his sleeve following a recent trademark application request has started to build.

One potential justification for why any public use of “Visionaire Sports Group” is tough to find is that Cash Money Records may have altered its plans since applying for the trademark in October. According to football industry watchdog website Inside the League, Young Money Records is said to be conducting necessary due diligence to enter the athlete representation arena as early as the beginning of 2014. It is likely that the website intended to refer to Young Money Entertainment, which is a record label that is closely affiliated with the aforementioned artists (and sometimes confused with Cash Money Records). (Forbes)

Information on what sports-related company Young Money invested in has also turned up.

According to sources of Inside the League, Young Money has chosen to invest in an existing Mississippi-based sports agency named Play 2 Win Sports, Inc., which appears to lack any notable NFL clients currently signed to Standard Representation Agreements. It would be somewhat akin to Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports hiring NFL Contract Advisor Kimberly Ann Miale earlier this year so that the company would have a certified agent within its ranks to represent New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith. Little was known of Miale, who had failed to negotiate any NFL active players’ contracts at the time she was hired to play a major role in Jay Z’s new football division. (Forbes)

While details are scarce, recent reports revealed Cash Money head Baby had taken the steps to start a sports management company.

Cash Money Records may be getting into the sports game. The famed record label–home to Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj, to name a few–has filed a legal request to trademark the name Visionaire Sports Group, according to government records obtained by XXL. The trademark request filed October 25 covers the following: “Sports agency services, namely, management, representation and promotion of professional athletes; promoting sports competitions and/or events of others; promoting the goods and services of others by arranging for sponsors to affiliate their goods and services with athletes; talent agencies; arranging personal appearances by persons working in the field of sport … .” The trademark is listed as owned by Cash Money Records, Inc., under the care of law firm Pryor Cashman LLP. (XXL Mag)

Earlier this fall, Bad Boy Records Diddy reacted to Jay Z launching his Roc Nation Sports and revealed if he would consider a similar move.

“No, no, no,” Diddy said when asked if Roc Nation Sports makes him want to launch his own athletics management agency. “I love sports but I’m more of an owner type of a guy. So I have aspirations to become [an owner], which it ‘will’ happen. I will become the first NFL, first African American, majority owner. Not having a small stake but actually owning an NFL team. But then when I see my friend having a sports agency, I support him. When I get the calls like, ‘We need to do Bad Boy Sports,’ I’m like, ‘No. That’s not my lane.’ I stay in my lane. This is what I want to do. I’m just me. I do my own thing.” (Bloomberg TV)

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