Lil Wayne Reveals Who He’s Listening To But Admits He Doesn’t “Know Where Hip-Hop Is”

Lil Wayne Reveals Who He’s Listening To But Admits He Doesn’t “Know Where Hip-Hop Is”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne speaks on the state of hip-hop and what artists have stayed on his music playlist in the upcoming issue of XXL Magazine.

In an excerpt from his interview, Weezy F. Baby names a few notable rap groups constantly in rotation.

“I do. I listen to a lot of Odd Future. I’ve been listening to a lot of old stuff, though. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Bone Thugs. East 1999, that album. Stuff like that. The first album. I listen to a lot of UGK. A lot of 8 Ball & MJG. And that’s kinda it. As far as new, I listen to Future, to a lot of the older mixtape stuff. A$AP Ferg.” (XXL Mag)

He also admits to not having his finger on hip-hop’s pulse and the direction its going in.

“I don’t know where hip-hop is at. I just listen to the old stuff, and my television stay on SportsCenter. Even when I’m flipping through the channels, I stumble across MTV or BET or whatever, if I stop and watch that video it’s because I haven’t seen that video. I’m so amazed. I don’t know if it’s new. I don’t know who the person is.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, Atlanta’s DJ Drama revealed Wayne’s upcoming Dedication release will go back to its origins.

“Me and Wayne working. [The mixtape may be dropping] sooner than people think, so I’m just gonna say be patient,” Drama said in an interview. “[Have we started recording?] Yeah, absolutely. Definitely. It’s beats, rhymes and life. A Tribe Called Wayne. It’s mostly freestyles, you know. That’s what Dedication is known for. But we’re also going to get the skits back. So we’re definitely going to get some of that entertainment value of Wayne talking how he talks, like how he did with Dedication 1, 2 and 3. … That man is a monster when it comes to work. So he gets it all done.” (VIBE)

Drama broke the news of a Dedication 5 project being in the works around mid-June.

“Yup. D5. Tunechi. Dram. YM. Stay tuned. But pleaaaase…. b patient.,” he tweeted June 10th. (DJ Drama’s Twitter)

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