Lil Wayne Reportedly Dating Rikers Island Employee, Photos Revealed

Lil Wayne Reportedly Dating Rikers Island Employee, Photos Revealed

SOHH has learned that incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne is reportedly dating an employee at Rikers Island, where he is currently serving his one-year jail sentence.

According to an inside source, Wayne is romantically linked to prison guard Melissa Moore.

“Mel has been working there for about three, maybe four years now and takes care of all the, you know, ‘entertainers’ doing little bids in [protective custody,]” the source told SOHH. “There really isn’t that big of an age difference, Mel is about 34 and I think he’s 29, right? So it could work out if they got more serious after he gets released — I don’t know everything, but Mel tells me that she has gave him little snacks and whatever magazines and music he wants to listen to… Oh yeah, they do a lot more than just kiss.” (SOHH)

Last month, Juelz Santana told radio host DJ Whoo Kid that he would look out for Wayne during his Rikers Island stint.

“Wayne is like my brother, that’s my dude,” Santana said in an interview. “I stay in contact with him pretty much every so often. Yeah, he’s locked up in New York — we gonna set the homie out. That’s all I’m gonna say, we gonna set the homie out. We gonna make sure the homie right. I promise you, I’m gonna set the homie out. This is our city, you know we got a lot of people around the area so we gotta make sure the homie’s good. [The inmates], they love Weezy but you got idiots everywhere you go. It’s just like going to a club, there’s always on idiot. That’s what I’m saying and they always think it’s us [causing problems.]” (Radio Planet TV)

Since being placed behind bars last month, Wayne has also experienced restrictions due to his fame.

A rep for the Correction Officer’s Benevolent Association tells us officials issued the no autograph mandate because “Lil Wayne is not a celebrity in here.” The rep also tells us Wayne isn’t getting any special treatment while at Rikers — but we’re told the rapper really hasn’t requested anything out of the ordinary. (TMZ)

He was officially sentenced to a year behind bars in early March.

Lil Wayne has been sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty in a New York City gun case. The Grammy Award-winning rapper was taken away in handcuffs to start serving his term immediately after his sentencing. He’ll serve his sentence in city jails, not a state prison. He could be released in about eight months with good behavior. (CBS News)

Check out photos of Lil Wayne’s alleged girlfriend by CLICKING HERE.

Watch Lil Wayne’s “Mrs. Officer” down below:

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