Lil Wayne Rallies Behind Red Sox After World Series Game 1 Pounding

Lil Wayne Rallies Behind Red Sox After World Series Game 1 Pounding

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne‘s favorite baseball team, the Boston Red Sox, are just three wins away from landing a World Series championship and Weezy F. Baby is keeping up with them every step of the way.

Continuing his support from their American League Championship Series win over the Detroit Tigers, Weezy has reminded fans what crew he’s rooting for to win it all.

“Hell yeah Red Sox!!!,” Wayne tweeted after the BoSox’s impressive 8-1 win over the St. Louis Cardinals in Game 1. (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

Last night, R&B diva Mary J. Blige appeared at Boston’s Fenway Park to perform the national anthem.

In advance of her debut Christmas album, appropriately titled, “A Mary Christmas,” singer-songwriter and producer Mary J. Blige opened the World Series with a rousing rendition of the national anthem during an elaborate pregame ceremony Wednesday night at Fenway Park. Blige, a Grammy Award-winning singer, isn’t a stranger to the World Series. The New York native performed the anthem in 2009 at Yankee Stadium, and she expressed an appreciation to be back in the same capacity for the opener this time around. (MLB)

A couple years ago, Wayne publicly admitted he is a Red Sox fan.

“Since this is the first show, I’ll let you know from this show on, you will be able to post questions to our Facebook page or to our site or whatever,” Weezy added. “You’ll be able to post questions up. I’ll get to those questions in some kind of way — I have my teams. I’m not sure if you can tell, but I’m a Green Bay Packers fan, I’m an LA Lakers fan, I’m a Boston Red Sox fan, I’m a Washington Capitals fan.” (“Weezy’s Sports Corner”)

In 2009, Wayne hinted at rap retirement and his desire to own a sports team.

“I always said I ain’t wanna do this no more after 35, I ain’t wanna do it no more,” Wayne revealed in an interview withradio personality Tim Westwood. “So any time before 30 and 35, I might give it up. [But now] I gotta work as hard as I can so I ain’t gotta look back. [When I retire, I’ll] do something else, I’m gonna retire from this and probably jump into some ownership of some sports team or you know, I’m very heavy into sports. Any sport. [I’d want ownership] of the team. It doesn’t matter, it could be basketball, it could be baseball, of course it wouldn’t be baseball, there’s too much money to own that, but it could be basketball or football, it wouldn’t matter. I could buy into a baseball team with someone.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

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