Lil Wayne Puts Young Money Over Everything, “What I’m Doing Is Really Never Important”

Lil Wayne Puts Young Money Over Everything, “What I’m Doing Is Really Never Important”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne is focused on his Young Money team these days as he has placed recent album talk to the side and said the immediate concern is getting out his artists’ music.

Starting with Drake’s upcoming sophomore album, Weezy ran down a slew of other Young Money/Cash Money projects in the pipeline.

“Drake’s album Take Care is coming November 15, Nicki [Minaj] is about to start working on her next album — [Birdman] coming out; I’m Not a Human Being II and Rebirth II is so not important right now — We got [Lil] Twist coming, we got Tyga Tyga coming, and then we have Shanell coming, then we got Bow Wow — that’s what’s really important. What I’m doing is really never important, actually. I’m a very unimportant guy. It’s just me.” (MTV)

In his new GQ Magazine feature, Weezy opened up about having only dropped two Young Money solo projects over the past few years.

“Basically, I have been doing this for eighteen years. That’s reason number one. I have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish and more. Also, I have a label, and I’ve only put out two artists [Drake and Nicki Minaj]. I have a lot more work to do, and it’d be selfish to not focus on being the boss and focus on their projects,” Wayne explained when asked about retiring at 35. “But the main reason is my kids, my children. Now, if I thought I’d be selfish to my artists, imagine what I think I would be doing to my kids. I have enough money that they don’t have to ever do anything–which, they will do everything, ’cause they ain’t getting sh*t. [cackles wildly] Six [more] years, I can do this Lil Wayne thing, and my boys will be about 7 and 8 years old. And man, it’s all about them then. You know, whatever they’re doing. Sports. Whatever they’re into. That’s where I am. I’m at every game. I’m the dad with the hat on. The jersey. That’s me.” (GQ Magazine)

After Weezy recently hinted at his platinum-selling Carter IV could be his final album release, Young Money President Mack Maine said retirement was premature for the 29 year-old rap star.

“As far as that retirement goes, I don’t know what he’s talking about,” YM President Mack Maine told “I’m not trying to hear that — I mean technically he can. We paved the way where Young Money the brand is gonna be so big. And he’s done so much where he can just tour. But I know his love and passion for the music…. I also know he has love and passion for his kids and family and he sacrificed a lot of this life we living. So at 30, if he says he wants to hang it up and be a family and a businessman, I wouldn’t be mad at it. He’ll be like 18, 19 close to 20 years in the game. And [have put out] that many albums. He’ll be a vet at a young age. It’s not like we’re gonna need to put out albums, it’s just the passion. Can you walk away from it?” (XXL Mag)

Last week, Mack Maine broke the news about Weezy’s forthcoming I’m Not A Human Being and Rebirth sequel albums.

Young Money Records President Mack Maine exclusively revealed to MTV News that not only is Weezy about to lay down tracks for a sequel to his Rebirth rock album, but the “How to Love” hitmaker is already knee-deep in recording a follow-up to 2010’s I Am Not a Human Being LP. “He’s, like, 12 songs in, and he went crazy. He went left. He’s in Martian land right now,” Mack said of I Am Not a Human Being 2. “On I Am Not a Human Being, he is definitely showing some weirdo, left-brain, I’m-not-from-here type side. He can say what he wants. There are no boundaries, there are no limits.” (MTV)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne footage below:

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