Lil Wayne Puts Up A Fight In Miami

Lil Wayne Puts Up A Fight In Miami

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne puts up a fight as a boxer in his upcoming “6 Foot, 7 Foot” music video currently being recorded in Miami.

Posting two photos, one posed as a boxer and the other in a business suit, on his WeezyThanxYou website, Wayne revealed a video for his Tha Carter IV single is in the works.

Hello World! Check out some photos of me filming the “6 Foot, 7 Foot” music video in Miami. I have a few costume changes in the video, very different from videos you’ve seen me do. Can’t wait for everyone to see the video. (Weezy Thanx You)

The rapper has also reportedly recruited his Young Money family for cameos.

Lil Wayne puts his dukes up in the video for “6 Foot 7 Foot,” the first single from Tha Carter IV, due this spring. The rapper portrays a boxer in the first images from the highly-anticipated clip, which seems to be inspired by the award-winning film The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg. Hype is building for the visuals, said to be amongst Weezy’s most ambitious to date. Featured guest Cory Gunz, his father/manager Peter Gunz, and the rest of the Young Money crew make cameos. (Rap-Up)

After last month’s “6’7″ release, SOHH hit up Young Money artist Short Dawg to get his reaction to the record.

“Everyone is hearing Lil Wayne doing what he do,” Short told SOHH referring to Weezy’s bars. “And Cory, that’s my dog. Me and Cory have been cool since he was back on Def Jam. A lot of people don’t know me and Cory have a cool relationship. Cory is like one of my comrades coming over to Young Money, getting drafted. It’s like when LeBron James came over to the Heat with Dwayne Wade. We were already cool and it just makes it that much better. Man, listen, both of them [are] awesome at what they do and ain’t nobody can top what they did. Period. I personally haven’t gotten my hand on the beat yet but if I touch it [for a remix], you already know what’s gonna happen.” (SOHH)

Producer Bangladesh recently compared “6’7″ to 2008’s “A Milli” hit.

“I wouldn’t say [‘6 Foot 7 Foot’] is better than ‘A Milli’ because ‘A Milli’ did so much to hip-hop. When he first did ‘A Milli,’ I didn’t see the vision. So, off the rip it gave my opinion about it not being what I thought it should be because of his approach. And I’m correct because he said in an interview, he didn’t even feel like it was a single. He just felt like it was like something to go in and rip, some mixtape sh*t. But it ended up being much more than I expected and much better because it didn’t have the typical elements of a song that you usually need to make a hit. I did my part, he did his. It all came together and it worked. I think because he seen what ‘A Milli’ did, it prepared him more for this [and] I could tell his writing was different.” (Complex)

No further music video details have been released as of now.

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