Lil Wayne Pumps “A Milli” With Steroids

Lil Wayne Pumps “A Milli” With Steroids

Young Money leader Lil Wayne is back to work nearly two weeks after being released from his eight-month jail stint, and has put together his first record.

The track’s completion was announced by Wayne associate DJ Scoob Doo.

Lil Wayne is out of jail, and as we predicted, it didn’t take long for him to get back into the studio. Lil Wayne said he’d be chock full of material following his visit to Rikers Island, and he’s delivering already. Less than two weeks after Lil Wayne’s release, the rapper was back in the studio, and delivered a track that DJ Scoob Doo called “A 2010 Version Of A Milli..But On Steroids.” (Bloginity)

Young Money President Mack Maine also recently hinted at Wayne being in the studio.

Mack Maine, president of Lil Wayne’s record label Young Money Entertainment, tweeted on Tuesday that Wayne had hit the studio for the first time since Rikers to record a verse. “It’s official Wayne laid his 1st verse!!!!! Torture!!!!,” he wrote. (Herald Sun)

Cash Money Records’ Baby recently discussed how jail has changed Wayne.

“Lil Wayne is writing furiously in anticipation of his post-prison return to Hip-Hop, family and the free world. “He hasn’t written out rhymes since the Hot Boys,” Birdman told Rolling Stone in the November edition of the magazine. “There’s a different swagger coming from Wayne, different things to talk about.” (All Hip Hop)

Baby also said Wayne would be heading straight to the studio following his release earlier this month.

“After we see the family, it’s back to the basics, back to the job,” he said. “For Wayne, he just does what he feels with the music. I’m sure he’s gonna touch on personal things and his experience being incarcerated. But you never know with him, because he’s so slick with the words. (MTV)

Check out a recent Lil Wayne interview down below:

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