Lil Wayne Pulls Drake Disappearing Act Concerns, “I Just Get My Money & Call The Shots”

Lil Wayne Pulls Drake Disappearing Act Concerns, “I Just Get My Money & Call The Shots”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has addressed speculation and fan concerns suggesting Drake’s absence from the Young Money “I Am Still Music II” tour is a sign of internal conflict.

While he understands fans’ concern, Weezy said too much is being made of Drake’s missing billing name.

Wayne once again explained Drake’s absence and understood from the fan’s standpoint how his protégé’s omission from the tour looked from the outside, sympathizing with the speculative remarks of Young Money supporters. “That’s just due to this world we live in today,” said the Young Money captain. “[B]ecause I remember back in the days when if someone wasn’t on tour then the first thing we’d think was they were doing a movie or they were doing something else that was productive.” Wayne went on to add, “Nowadays if you don’t see somebody in the picture, then it’s ‘Oh, he’s leaving’ and he’s this and “Oh Wayne, you’re mad at this person’ and I don’t even deal with it man. I just get my money and call the shots.” (RapFix)

Last February, Drake explained why it was unlikely to see him added to the tour bill.

Regardless of his plans for a romantic holiday, Drake said that he’s focused on his love for the music and probably won’t be added to Lil Wayne’s all-star I Am Music II Tour. “I’ve been touring since last March so I’m just going to take time and make my album,” he explained. However, the MC said that fans can expect him to make some surprise appearances on the 24-city trek. “But there’s always those nights where you get that itch to go and join those legends like Nicki and Wayne and Ross onstage, so you’ll see me out there, but I’m just trying to take care of the people,” he confessed. (MTV)

Drake’s absence made headlines after the nationwide run became public in January.

Lil Wayne will launch his “I Am Music II” tour in March, his first outing since being released from a brief jail sentence last year. The tour makes a stop at the Palace of Auburn Hills on April 2 with special guests Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross and Travis Barker. One question, though: Where’s Drake? It seems like since Wayne is bringing Nicki Minaj with him, it’d make sense to bring his other Young Money protege along for the ride. And it’s not as if Drake is busy. (M Live)

Earlier this month, Drake surprised fans at one of Wayne’s tour stops and dismantled separation gossip.

Drake caught up with the “I Am Music II” tour when it pulled into Washington, D.C.’s Verizon Center on Sunday night. Lil Wayne introduced his Young Moneyprotégé with a heartfelt speech. The Canadian rapper addressed rumors that he had left Young Money. “You see today, when I landed in D.C. and I got off the plane, this ni**a looked me in my eyes and he asked me, ‘Did you drop out of Young Money?’ And I looked him right back in his eyes and I said, ‘Boy, are you out your motherfu**in’ mind?!’ Man, I want this sh*t ‘Forever,'” he told the crowd to roaring applause. (Rap-Up)

Check out Drake surprising fans at Lil Wayne’s tour stop below:

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