Lil Wayne Promises “Rebirth” LP, “I Wanted Everyone To See My Growing Pains” [Video]

Lil Wayne Promises “Rebirth” LP, “I Wanted Everyone To See My Growing Pains” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne recently spoke on his forthcoming album The Rebirth and said it will be released, despite multiple delays.

While keeping details to a minimum, Weezy explained what the overall theme was behind his new solo project.

“Expect great music,” Wayne said in an interview. “That’s all I ever want them to expect from me. I wanted to grow and and show my growth as well. It’s a difference from when you go in a room and come out and you’re better and everyone says, ‘How did you do that?’ So with this album, I wanted everyone to see my growing pains.” (MTV)

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby recently described the album as “great music.”

“It’s not a rock record,” Baby said in an interview. “That’s what I think people are getting misunderstood. When you speaking about a rock record, you think he’s got a guitar and everything, but it’s not that. It’s going to be some of those types of beats, but it’s just great music. I don’t think no artist can do what he about to get done. My son is a rock star…He can rap, he can sing, he’s just an artist…I don’t think no one will ever be greater because I don’t think no one puts in the time or the quality. If someone do come along, can you imagine what he’ll have to do? He got to put out on thousand mixtapes, do a thousand records [and] sell 100 million records. 2Pac, Jay-Z and Biggie didn’t get to the sh*t Wayne’s done.” (Vibe)

The project received its sixth pushback earlier this week.

April 7. May 19. June 9. June 16. June 23. July 21. Lil Wayne’s Rebirth is hitting the road once again. After constant delays, Weezy’s venture into rock has moved to August 18, can confirm. The album had most recently been scheduled for July 21. This is the sixth pushback for a project that was originally set for April. (Rap-Up)

Reports earlier this year hinted at the project possibly being shelved by Universal.

Universal big wigs are cautious of the rock album release considering the first single from the project, “Prom Queen”, dropped in January but only reached No. 15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. Lil Wayne’s manager Cortez Bryant has allegedly been advised against letting the star press ahead with the project. A source says, “If Wayne doesn’t brighten up, they have to turn into Mr. Evil Record Company and just tell him it’s never going to be released.” (Examiner)

As of today (June 4) Rebirth is scheduled to hit stores Tuesday, August 18.

Check out Wayne’s brief interview below:

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