Lil Wayne On Ja Rule’s Gun Conviction, “It’s A Hard Pill To Swallow”

Lil Wayne On Ja Rule’s Gun Conviction, “It’s A Hard Pill To Swallow”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has publicly reacted to Ja Rule‘s guilty plea for a gun possession charge this week and two year jail sentence speculation.

Wayne recalled being arrested alongside Rule in 2007 following one of their New York City concerts.

“That’s super crazy and very disappointing,” Wayne said in an interview. “Me and Ja were kinda locked up together. We was in the same holding tank and everything that same night. We went to court that next day together. And to know he got them two, and I’ve already dealt with the situation and came home. I would imagine it’s a hard pill to swallow.” (Shade 45)

Rule’s attorney Stacey Richman spoke on the rapper’s projected bid earlier this week.

“It’s part of our discussions with the district attorney’s office,” she explained of the arrangement. “You have to think whenever you’re taking care of a person of this caliber with these type of commitments, you have to anticipate their business commitments also…We have fought long and hard on the situation and they have agreed in regard to these commitments. I mean, he has a film to do. There are certain concerts to do.” Richman told XXL that the rap vet will most likely only have to serve 18 to 20 months of the two year sentence, if he doesn’t cause any problems behind bars. (XXL Mag)

Rule’s legal fate was announced in a Manhattan court Monday (December 13) morning.

Wearing dark-blue jeans and a black sweater, the rapper said “guilty” and answered yes to a judge’s questions in a low voice. “Because of your guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of having committed a violent felony. This is a very serious matter,” Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers told the rapper. Ja Rule’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, had no immediate comment. Specifically, the rapper admitted to a charge that involves attempting to have a loaded gun outside one’s home or workplace. Ja Rule was promised two years in prison when he is sentenced in February. (Wall Street Journal)

Rule’s incident took place in summer 2007 after leaving Wayne’s concert.

Ja Rule was leaving the Beacon Theater when his car was stopped. Police said they smelled marijuana and found a .40-caliber semiautomatic gun in the rear driver’s side door. He wasn’t charged with drug possession, and a judge threw out the rapper’s statement to police that he had “a little bit of weed” in his pocket. (Baltimore Sun)

Check out some recent Ja Rule footage down below:

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