Lil Wayne Lets Grand Champ Out, “I Got A F*cking Legend Standing Behind Me”

Lil Wayne Lets Grand Champ Out, “I Got A F*cking Legend Standing Behind Me”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne electrified a Miami club heading into 2012 last weekend by bringing out former Ruff Ryders leader DMX out for an unexpected performance.

Crowning X as a hip-hop legend, Wayne also took a moment to speak on his envy for the platinum-selling rapper.

“Tonight is history ’cause I got a f—ing legend standing behind me,” an excited Wayne tells the crowd from the stage. “When I turned around, I saw this ni—, I was like, ‘Stop the music and let these motherf—as know that DMX is in this b*tch.'” It’s a rare thing to see Weezy star struck, but he did his best to explain to the crowd just how happy he was to see DMX in the building. “I remember when I was 17 years old, I was on the world’s biggest hip-hop tour. It was called the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money tour, and you was rockin’ that sh–,” he said to DMX. “This is f—ing crazy, it’s crazy,” Wayne added, relinquishing the mic, letting DMX take front and center to perform a medley of hits including “Get At Me Dog” and “What These B*tches Want.” (RapFix)

Not only appearing in Miami, X was recently spotted rocking a holiday party in New York.

During Funkmaster Flex‘s Christmas Party, Earl Simmons or DMX to you and I, surprised the audience with his appearance and the following stage performance. Partygoers at the Santos Party House were in disbelief, as DMX ran through some popular songs off his lengthy catalog. X also spat an acapella verse showing he is still with nice with [the] mic. He also announced new music is on the way in the new year, with a new project titled Undisputed scheduled to drop March 26th. (Soul Culture UK)

Recently, video vixen Amber Rose crowned DMX her pick for SOHH Underrated.

“Since he came out, I remember being in South Philly, running into Tower Records on South Street to go and get his album. I would play it constantly all day and every day. When DMX’s [1998 album] Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood came out, oh my God. I would listen to his music and think, “Wow, he did it again.” Like, I couldn’t even deal with it. He was so dope. I’ve tweeted that his music has really helped me through a lot of things. DMX was just so emotional. He would even pray on the tracks, he would always talk about his wife. He would put his wife first and so I just love that about him.” (SOHH Underrated)

Last November, rap newcomer Machine Gun Kelly described his respect for the rap veteran.

“Yeah, DMX is the realest person I’ve ever met in my life. He’s exactly what he says he is,” MGK said about his in-studio experience with X. “Yeah, he actually came in when I was on top of a table rapping one of his songs, so it was like an awkwardly good moment.” (RESPECT)

Check out DMX and Lil Wayne below:

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