Lil Wayne Kicks & Pushes, Rolls Into TRUKFIT LA Launch

Lil Wayne Kicks & Pushes, Rolls Into TRUKFIT LA Launch

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne proved he is fully behind his TRUKFIT clothing line by traveling all the way to Los Angeles to celebrate its official Macy’s launch on Friday (June 1).

Wayne also had professional skater Stevie Williams alongside at the Friday Macy’s store event.

Fresh off debuting his new single “My Homies Still” with Big Sean, Lil Wayne made an in-store appearance at Macy’s for the launch of his skate apparel and accessories line TRUKFIT (The Reason You Kill For It) at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Friday. Wearing an orange TRUKFIT tee, drawstring pants, and Nike Dunks, Tunechi held a skateboard while posing alongside pro skateboarder Stevie Williams, who was there to promote his line DGK. (Rap-Up)

Recently, TRUKFIT brand manager Mike Morris gave SOHH readers a few reasons to give the new line a shot.

“The number one reason is it’s a Lil Wayne clothing line. What else could you ask for? You can pair it with a blazer, a cardigan [or] layer it up underneath a Henley and great pair of shoes. Just think about it, Wayne goes from meetings to studios to skate parks and arenas and [will] still be at home with his family. So he wouldn’t sell you anything that you wouldn’t be able to roll out with and still look cool.” (SOHH 5 Reasons)

Morris also cited strong celebrity co-signs for helping the line stand out.

“All the celebrities love us! [We] have a good deal of relationships with celebrities. Anywhere from pro skaters to P-Rod, Fred Durst, Mystikal, Corey Gunz, Jonathan Cook from Forever the Sickest Kids, they’ve all worn TRUKFIT. I mean you name it, people that are on the rise, like young hip-hop artists, have worn and stunted with it on. James Franco, the actor, has also requested TRUKFIT!” (SOHH 5 Reasons)

Back in March, Weezy detailed his motivation behind putting the brand together.

Weezy’s first clothing line, Trukfit, is simply a reflection of the current digs he’s into wearing. Skateboard influenced, yes, but don’t label his brand anything yet. YMCMB’s head figure has ideas that change on a daily basis. He tells VIBE his sense of fashion comes from no one else but the man in the mirror. “I’m really fond of Marc Jacobs as a designer. Everybody knows I love Polo,” Weezy tells VIBE. “But as far as me being fixated on some person’s style, that just ain’t… nahhh. That just ain’t me.” Ultimately, Wayne says he doesn’t even pay attention to the fact that his style choices influence kids from all over the world. “Nah, I don’t be trippin. I just love the opportunity,” Weezy says after explaining how his brand will give kids from all backgrounds the opportunity to “dress fly.” (VIBE)

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