Lil Wayne & Kanye West’s Cross Dressing Examined, “It’s Acceptable If You’re Not Wearing A Pair Of Heels W/ It”

Lil Wayne & Kanye West’s Cross Dressing Examined, “It’s Acceptable If You’re Not Wearing A Pair Of Heels W/ It”

With the recent trend of rap stars like Lil Wayne and Kanye West getting slammed for rocking women’s attire in public, a few fashion experts have now weighed in on hip-hop’s latest, puzzling hip-hop trend.

Jewelry brand Lia Sophia’s owner Elena Kiam said rappers rocking her women’s accessories has come to her surprise.

Elena Kiam, the owner and creative director of the jewelry brand Lia Sophia, says initially she was surprised to see her women’s line embraced by some of rap’s top acts like 50 Cent, P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg, who has worn her pieces in music videos and on magazine covers. “When we were designing these really beautiful, sparkly necklaces, we thought more for top editors, maybe a celebrity movie star. We really weren’t thinking about hip-hop,” said Kiam, who also said BeyoncĂ©, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus have worn her designs. “There was a rapper wearing the same piece as a soccer mom from Ohio,” she added. (ABC News)

Celebrity stylist June Ambrose said some rappers are able to pull off select women items.

Of Lil Wayne’s much-talked about decision to sport a pair of boxer-revealing, black-and-white leopard print pants during the VMAs, she acknowledges his attire was “eccentric, but you know, he’s a rock star and pulls it off extremely well. “Fashion should be as unisex as it is right now. It’s probably the most unisex we’ve seen it,” she said. West, hip-hop’s ultimate metrosexual who will debut his own fashion collection in Paris next week, wore a flowing, long-sleeved women’s shirt designed by French-based fashion house Celine earlier this year at Coachella. “I think it’s acceptable if you’re not wearing a pair of heels with it and you’re not wearing lipstick and neither of these guys did that,” said Ambrose, who has styled Jay-Z, Diddy and Will Smith. “They treat fashion like it is art.” (Times Union)

Recently, pop star Justin Bieber confessed to rocking women’s clothing in the past.

Bieber, the 17-year-old pop phenomenon, acknowledges he has rocked women’s jeans because of their suitable fit. “I think I’ve worn women’s jeans before because they fit me better,” he told The Associated Press at a recent fashion event. “I just think that whatever works, works.” (Washington Post)

Although they may not be considered just for women, former Bad Boy Records’ artist Black Rob told SOHH skinny jeans are not a hot trend in 2011.

“I guess them skinny jeans are cold. N*ggas need to come up out of that. Come on out of that, man. I see the dudes in front me me and they don’t have skinny jeans on. My dudes around me don’t have them on. That’s just some industry sh*t.” (SOHH Top 5 Cold Trends)

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Check out radio personality Ed Lover speaking on Lil Wayne’s jeggings below:

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