Lil Wayne Juices Up “I Am Not A Human Being II” [Audio]

Lil Wayne Juices Up “I Am Not A Human Being II” [Audio]

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne reportedly relied heavily on churning out some big tracks with help from Three 6 Mafia/Taylor Gang’s Juicy J on his upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album.

Although Juicy is known for his rapping ability, the Memphis hip-hop veteran revealed producing multiple records for Weezy’s next solo project.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, me and Crazy Mike,” Juicy said in an interview when asked if he also still produces. “Eh man, we still go in. On my album, me and Crazy Mike produced, like, a lot of tracks. We actually did three tracks on Lil Wayne’s new [I Am Not A Human Being II] album, too. I’m on the album. The album’s going to be jamming, dog. Trust me. Yeah, I did a verse on there, yeah, on one of the songs, yeah.” (Whoolywood Shuffle)

A couple days ago, a teaser album stream for the new LP surfaced online.

With two weeks to go, fans can now get an early preview of Lil’ Wayne’s I Am Not A Human Being II album. Supported by the singles “No Worries,” “Love Me,” and the newly released “Rich As F**k,” Weezy’s tenth studio LP can now be previewed on Amazon before its March 26 release date. Enjoy 30-second snippets of the deluxe edition which features appearances from Nicki Minaj, Juicy J, Soulja Boy, and MMG’s Gunplay. Along with Amazon, you can pre-order your copy now on iTunes. (Miss Info TV)

On the star-studded project, Juicy contributes his vocals on Weezy’s “Trippy” track.

01 IANAHB 02 Curtains (feat. Boo) 03 Days and Days (feat. 2 Chainz) 04 Gunwalk (feat. Gudda Gudda) 05 No Worries (feat. Detail) 06 Back To You 07 Trigger Finger (feat. Soulja Boy) 08 Beat The Shit (feat. Gunplay) 09 Rich As Fuck (feat. 2 Chainz) 10 Trippy (feat. Juicy J) 11 Bitches Love Me (feat. Drake & Future) 12 Romance 13 God Bless Amerika 14 Wowzers 15 Hello 16 Lay It Down (feat. Nicki Minaj) 17 Hot Revolver (feat. Dre) 18 My Homies Still (feat. Big Sean) (Complex)

The Young Money head recently revealed how the project’s cover art came together.

“(Kanye) said, you know, man, let me do your cover. I saw the cover and I approved it. He had an explanation behind it – he said, he chose the moth butterfly thing because it has so many different stages of life, and it goes through so many forms and changes, and no one can figure it out, and it’s always beautiful. At a time it’s ugly and at a time it’s beautiful too. And that’s me.” (NOLA)

I Am Not A Human Being II drops Tuesday, March 26th.

Check out Juicy J’s interview:

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