Lil Wayne “How To Love” Crew Takeover L.A. Subway [Video]

Lil Wayne “How To Love” Crew Takeover L.A. Subway [Video]

Weeks after New York City pedestrian Terrane Hicks raised eyebrows performing Kanye West‘s “N*ggas In Pars” in public, a group of Los Angeles people have pulled a similar stunt with Lil Wayne‘s “How to Love” hit.

In a new viral video, Los Angeles subway riders perform Weezy’s record amongst unknowing riders.

The Love Project, launched by L.A. local advertising agency Muse Communications, created a cultural experiment where those taking part tried to get “to the heart of what love really means” by performing the Young Money CEO’s hit song on public transportation. In a press release issued by Muse Communications chairman and chief creative officer, Jo Muse, she explained The Love Project was created in an effort to explore culture and share it with a broader audience. In the two-minute clip, a man boards the subway with guitar in hand and kicks off the song. As the commute gets underway, he’s joined by more passengers singing ‘How to Love,’ including a ponytail-sporting tween who knows all of the lyrics. (The Boom Box)

A few months ago, pop star Justin Bieber released a cover to Wayne’s “How to Love.”

If you, like Vulture, forgot to send a really awesome present, don’t worry; Justin Bieber was on top of it. Young Biebs tweeted out a remix of Wayne’s oft-maligned hit single “How to Love” late last night, with an obligatory birthday greeting. Okay, hear us out: Even if you weren’t a fan of the slightly dull original, you might enjoy this cover. In fact, this cover might explain why many Wayne devotees weren’t particularly jazzed on the single. This is actually a Justin Bieber song! Granted, Biebs tries a lot harder in his version: We’re talking harmonies, a meandering guitar riff, and even a brief appearance by Shawty Mane (that would be Bieber’s rapping alter ego, though this breathy verse maybe only counts as half-rap). (New York Mag)

Last week, Internet star Terrane Hicks talked about gaining a buzz for his “N*ggas In Paris” subway performance.

“Well, everyone I know keeps calling me and hysterically laughing. I love it. Love the excitement and I’m actually going to try to take this somewhere! … I was born and raised in Harlem, recently moved to Brooklyn. I’m a martial artist and I own a personal training company called Skye Fitness ( [Was I drunk?] No, actually I was totally sober. I am like this all the time. I’m just a hype person. … No, I don’t normally rap out loud but that’s one of those songs that gets you hype! I really didn’t care what the other riders thought. That’s that song!!! And yes, I was definitely trying to entertain my fellow commuters.” (Miss Info)

Earlier in the week, Yeezy posted Hicks’ YouTube link to his Twitter page.

“,” Kanye West tweeted December 21st. The YouTube link brings readers to a clip titled “Guy Singing ‘N*ggas In Paris’ on NYC Subway. The video is nearly three minutes long and already has over one million views. (Kanye West’s Twitter)

Check out the “How to Love” subway performance below:

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