Lil Wayne Hacker Takes Down Donald Trump: “These H*es Think They Classy”

Lil Wayne Hacker Takes Down Donald Trump: “These H*es Think They Classy”

Celebrity real estate mogul Donald Trump has fallen victim to an online hacker who decided to take his Twitter page on a joyride with a Lil Wayne-influenced tweet.

The hacker reportedly quoted a line from Weezy F. Baby’s “Scream & Shout” record.

Exotically coiffured businessman and self-appointed Republican visionary Donald Trump is the owner of the latest high-profile Twitter account to be hacked. Trump joins the esteemed ranks of Burger King and Jeep, with both companies suffering compromised accounts in the last few days. The Trump hack was less colorful and briefer than the Burger King takeover. A single tweet was sent quoting a song lyric from Lil Wayne’s verse in the ditty “Scream & Shout.” Trump appeared to declare, “These hoes think they classy, well that’s the class I’m skippen.” (Ars Technica)

Shortly after the now-deleted tweet went viral, Trump told his followers someone hacked into his account.

“My Twitter has been seriously hacked— and we are looking for the perpetrators.,” he tweeted February 21.

“Twitter will soon be irrelevant if lowlifes are so easily able to hack into accounts.” (Donald Trump’s Twitter)

Coincidentally, this comes weeks after DT used Twitter to threaten hip-hop artist Mac Miller.

“Little @MacMiller, you illegally used my name for your song “Donald Trump” which now has over 75 million hits.,” he tweeted January 31st.

“Little @MacMiller, I want the money not the plaque you gave me!”

“Little @MacMiller, I’m now going to teach you a big boy lesson about lawsuits and finance. You ungrateful dog!” (Donald Trump’s Twitter)

Some sites initially questioned whether the television personality’s page had been compromised.

By the end of it though, we were starting to think that maybe The Donald got hacked, because this one was just odd: “Little @MacMiller–I have more hair than you do and there’s a slight age difference.” The video for “Donald Trump” currently has over 75 million views on YouTube. In a recent interview, Mac Miller wasn’t too enthusiastic about The Donald. Mac isn’t a fan of his political aspirations–can you blame him?–and hates even more when Trump references his name on Twitter. “He’s being such a f—ing douchebag…he still tweets the video … and says things like ‘Mac Miller. You’re welcome.'” (RapFix)

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