Lil Wayne Feud Has Serious History, Pusha T Reveals Who Should Be Blamed [Video]

Lil Wayne Feud Has Serious History, Pusha T Reveals Who Should Be Blamed [Video]

G.O.O.D Music’s Pusha T recently talked about his now-infamous rift with Lil Wayne and why one particular entity should be singled out for pitting them against one another.

In Pusha’s opinion, the blogosphere is largely responsible for creating and fueling their problems.

“I think this was at a time when the whole social media thing of people leaving these comments on the blogs,” Pusha said in an interview when asked about Weezy. “People were saying [Weezy] was stepping into the lane a long time ago, just with the content and so forth. That was in his transformation from like New Orleans to sort of East Coast style and swag. But the thing was I never said it. I never said it, I asked the people. And some people just react to things differently.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Back in 2011, Pusha claimed he had been on good terms with Wayne since the rapper’s November 2010 release from jail on a gun conviction.

“Ever since Lil Wayne went in to jail, that whole little stint [between me and him] is really dead and over with. I don’t have any ill will towards Wayne, Cash Money, or any of them. There was definitely a time period when I felt a certain way [about him], but as of right now I don’t. That’s just where I once was. I don’t even like speaking on it. [On Fear of God] I actually said, ‘They had freed Weezy, congratulations.’ When I seen Wayne in Miami, I told him, ‘Congratulations on getting out of jail.'” (Complex)

He also said their past issues were minor compared to real-life situations.

“I was just speaking in support of the situation that he made it out of. You have to acknowledge things like that. Coming from where I’m from, I’m gonna acknowledge that. I got real problems and real issues. I looked at him like, this man has got real problems and real issues too. This man really went to jail. So it’s way bigger than some rap sh*t. That’s all it was ever to me, some rap sh*t. Even when the little jabs where we were going back and forth, it was never nothing personal like, ‘I hate your guts.’ It was on wax and who can be the cleverest. It was something I would never have talked about even in interviews. I think the whole interview thing is what makes it different. Things are different in interviews versus in songs.” (Complex)

In the past, Pusha poked fun at Wayne and accused him of swagger jacking.

“You can’t kiss other men, you can’t wobble dee-wobble dee, and and you can’t bite styles…,” he said. “You can’t bite everybody’s styles. You can’t try to rap like Jay-Z, dress like the Clipse, become a coke dealer after 5 albums, and now dress like Jim Jones. You can’t do all that and be a legend. You have to be a trendsetter and he ain’t setting any trends.” (Shout Mouth)

The Clipse’s No Malice previously addressed the tensions between Pusha and Weezy.

“Yeah, and it never deserved any light and it never deserved any kind of attention,” he said about the beef ending. “We was getting money with Cash Money with ‘What Happened to that Boy?’ We were in New Orleans and we shot the video and we were hanging out and we were close at one time. It’s just unfortunate that it had happened. I think the streets were talking and I think Wayne probably felt like we were saying it but anybody that knows The Clipse or knows anything about us, you see our etiquette and how we roll. We don’t talk about anybody. The streets were talking about him wearing BAPES and it’s a dope clothing line but the streets said that and I think Wayne took it out on us and everything we said was just in response. But right now I think Wayne has hot music and I ain’t got no beef but you can’t talk about The Clipse though. Can’t nobody talk about The Clipse and just let that be that.” (Hip Hop Game)

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Check out Pusha T’s interview:

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