Lil Wayne Felony Case Remains In Superior Court

Lil Wayne Felony Case Remains In Superior Court

Lil Wayne attorneys were denied a request to have a 2008 felony drug and weapons case pushed back to the Grand Jury by a judge Tuesday (April 14) afternoon.

Arguing a lack of evidence led to the case being brought to Superiour Court, Wayne’s lawyers appeared in court yesterday requesting their motion.

In their motion, which was based on the misconduct with weapons charge, attorneys James Tilson and Natman Schaye argued the Grand Jury was not given all the elements involved in the alleged offense, and that led to an errorneous finding of probable cause. Superior Court Judge Mark Wayne Reeves, who is presiding over the case, said he based his decision on having read the Grand Jury transcripts as to what the factual basis of the offense was, the statutes the offense fell under and that there is a different standard of finding of probable cause between a trial jury and a Grand Jury. (Yuma Sun)

Weezy was originally arrested January 2008 on multiple felony charges.

The latest legal entanglement for the rapper came when a search of his tour bus at a border checkpoint near Dateland, Arizona, uncovered nearly 4 ounces of marijuana, more more than 1 ounce of cocaine, 41 grams of ecstasy, drug paraphernalia, $22,000 in cash and a .40-caliber pistol that was registered to Wayne in Florida, where he has a concealed-weapons permit. Wayne was released from a Yuma County jail after posting $10,185 in bail. (MTV)

Tilson previously requested the case be sent back late last year.

The rapper’s attorney, James Tilson, is requesting the case be sent back to a grand jury in order to have a new finding in the case. Tilson alleges the grand jury threw in additional charges the county attorney’s office were unaware of. There is also a request to have training records of the canine dog, which alerted authorities to narcotics on Weezy’s tour bus last winter leading to his arrest. (SOHH)

Aside from felony charges, Wayne was recently handed a copyright infringement lawsuit by a producer claiming to own the production for the Carter III single “Mrs. Officer.”

Atlanta producer named Michael Bradford aka Mali Boi claims he is the original producer of the track that made “Mrs. Officer” so popular. The original song “Crush” produced by Mali Boy was for another artist named Sky but somehow ended up in the company of Lil Wayne and producer of “Mrs.Officer” Deezel. Mali Boy claims Deezel remade the track owned by him without permission and has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Lil Wayne and everybody involved in the song in the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. (Freddyo)

Wayne is scheduled to appear at his next Arizona court date on June 23 at 8:30 a.m.

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