Lil Wayne Explains Tattoo Addiction, “I Wanted To Be Like 2Pac” [Video]

Lil Wayne Explains Tattoo Addiction, “I Wanted To Be Like 2Pac” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has released a video speaking on his past tendencies and habits including the motivation behind certain tattoos across his body.

Weezy said he got his first tattoo while still a teenager in honor of his late father.

“I have no problem with people going and getting a billion tattoos,” Weezy said in a video. “But why are you doing it? I know my first tattoo I got, I got because my dad died. I was 14 years old and I knew, not for nothing, God forgive me, I did want to represent my dad in a way but I knew that, ‘Man, I could get my first tattoo at 14 if I asked my mom, ‘Can I go get my dad’s name?’ She’s not gonna be against that.’ … The next tattoo that I got said ‘Original Hot Boy’ with a star…Then I went and got my tat across my stomach ’cause I wanted to be like Tupac. I got my [stomach] tattoo because I wanted to be like Tupac and at the time, I would tell the tattoo dude that’s why I was getting it.” (Derick G)

In August, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em talked about getting his ink removed.

“Um, I mean, yeah man it’s just like me just reflecting back and looking at it like even when I got them when I first seen the myself in the mirror, it was a little crazy. It was for various reasons, not just one. I took it upon myself. Nobody made me do it. I felt like I didn’t need them on my face anymore.” (VIBE)

Newly signed Bad Boy Records artist and tattoo fanatic Machine Gun Kelly recently told SOHH his reasoning for not inking up his face.

“Nah dude, nah, no ice creams on my face,” Kelly told SOHH referring to Gucci Mane‘s publicized face ink. “I’m trying to score those movie roles, man. I’m trying to be on the big screen like I’m f*cking Ronald Reagan, f*cking Harrison Ford. [laughs] I mean, hmmm… Tom Cruise. Leonardo DiCaprio. As soon as I lay the major movie role where I’m satisfied, like, never having to be in a movie again, I’m going to tattoo the sh*t out of my whole body.” (SOHH)

Recently, Houston’s Paul Wall spoke to SOHH about his ink-enhancing product called “Tattoo Detox.”

“It’s a product called “Tattoo Detox”. Most tattoo inks have different kinds of chemicals in them and some people might have an allergic reaction to or some tattoos take longer time to heal than others,” Wall told SOHH. “This little product takes all of the little toxins and poisons out of there. My mom and dad be into all of the New-Age type of stuff so my pops found this product and said, ‘Man, we ought to invest in this,’ and we did. It takes the toxins out of the ink. It don’t make it fade, it actually helps it heal a little bit better and makes you feel better. So that’s the good thing. The only concern I ever had was if it was going to mess up how my tattoo looked. Of course, it doesn’t at all. It actually makes it feel better. That’s been going pretty well for us so far.” (SOHH)

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