Lil Wayne Dismisses Shanell Dating Rumors, “I Don’t Understand How People’s Brains Work”

Lil Wayne Dismisses Shanell Dating Rumors, “I Don’t Understand How People’s Brains Work”

Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne addresses his rumored romantic relationship with Young Money artist Shanell aka SNL in the upcoming issues of Ozone Magazine.

In his interview, Wayne claims he has never had a sexual relationship with his artist.

“That’s a rumor, sweetheart,” he said. “No, it’s never been a personal thing. As far as us being friends, yeah. That’s my friend. Shanell is a great artist and that’s it, period. She’s a Young Money great artist. I heard a rumor that she was pregnant from me. How could that be? We’ve never had sex. How could she be pregnant from me? You’ve got to have sex to be pregnant. That’s one of the things you have to do. I don’t understand how people’s brains work. You know? I’m a really big person. I’m a real superstar. I’m not afraid to tell you or nobody else, you know? I die every week [according to the rumors]. I’m in jail right now [according to the rumors]. No, [the questions] bothers you, because you have to actually think if it’s true or not and come sit down and ask this dumb a** sh*t. I know you have to feel stupid, because it’s like me sitting here and looking at your [brown] hair and asking you, ‘Since you dyed your hair green, how do you feel?’ Your hair obviously isn’t green.” (Lil Wayne HQ)

Shanell previously said pregnancy reports stemmed from past gossip.

“Basically it came from a corny rumor that escalated,” Shanell said in an interview. “First I was dating him, then I was his girlfriend, then we were getting married, then we were settling down and now I’m pregnant. It’s so foolish we’ve haven’t paid it any attention…All the rest of the rumors were kinda funny except that one. When my mother called me like, ‘Um?,’ [I was] like, ‘No! Are you serious?’ I don’t care about the rumors, but I just want people to know that I’m not pregnant. I’ve got an album coming out, I’m a dancer, I’m in shape and children are not anywhere in my future.” (MTV)

Wayne, resorting to a UStream recording, denied the pregnancy reports earlier this year.

“Let me clear up this rumor, man. Shanell is not pregnant from me,” Wayne explained via UStream. “Shanell isn’t even pregnant! Period. Clear that up right now, man. Everybody talking about Shanell pregnant by — No, she not even pregnant. Period.” (UStream)

Aside from being a member of Young Money, Shanell helped Wayne pen his experimental rock album, Rebirth.

“On the Rebirth album, a few of the tracks I worked on were one, ‘Prom Queen,'” Shanell revealed in an interview. “‘I’m So Over You,’ which is on the bonus edition. A song called ‘Runnin” and ‘American Star.’ I really really like ‘Runnin” and how that song came about, I actuallyw was, I’d just jumped in the booth and started singing and screaming and Wayne actually liked it and said, ‘Let me put a verse on it.’ It was gonna be something I was probably gonna keep myself but it works out kinda the way he put it together.” (Rap-Up)

Check out a recent Shanell interview down below:

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