Lil Wayne Details “Rebirth,” “Fans Should Expect More Electricity” [Video]

Lil Wayne Details “Rebirth,” “Fans Should Expect More Electricity” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has detailed a few concepts behind his upcoming Rebirth album promising fans more intensity than previous projects.

In the trailer of a forthcoming interview, Weezy is seen speaking on his latest solo effort.

“The fans should expect from the new album, more electricity, more more more power, more everything, more me,” Wayne explained. “But different edge of course, it’s really different from what they’ve been used to but, it’s still me at the end of the day. The influence of the new album is mainly rock, but again, it’s me. So I guess, I guess I’ll call it my rock. Yeah.” (Soundcheck)

Wayne also appeared on “The View” last Friday (April 24) where he gave additional information on Rebirth.

“Well, I think it’s just the way my life went,” he said justifying his rock-based approach. “It’s just the direction that I went with my life so my music went the same way. And then we just used the title ‘rock’ because we didn’t want nobody to think I’m too different, so therefore we put the title on the music before they do. But it’s really just more Lil Wayne maturing, that’s all it is.” (The View)

Cash Money Records co-founder Bryan “Baby” Williams recently disputed Wayne’s claims that the project will be solely rock-based.

“It’s not a rock record,” Baby said in an interview. “That’s what I think people are getting misunderstood. When you speaking about a rock record, you think he’s got a guitar and everything, but it’s not that. It’s going to be some of those types of beats, but it’s just great music. I don’t think no artist can do what he about to get done. My son is a rock star.” (Vibe)

In past interviews, Wayne has frequently justified his rock star lifestyle as a reason to apply those concepts to Rebirth.

“The rock sh*t just comes from what my life is now,” Wayne said. “I’ve grown into this person.” Describing a wild night when he woke up in bed with three or four women he couldn’t name, Wayne reveals he had an epiphany. “I just got, I’m not going to say ‘so good’ at what I was doing, but it became such a regularity for me that I got tired of it. And then I said, ‘You know what? I’m not going to rap on this one…I don’t want to be the best rapper in the world. Not now,” he says. “I want to be the best. Period. Now. My favorite rapper hasn’t done what I’m doing.” (Rolling Stone)

The Rebirth is currently scheduled to hit store shelves Tuesday, June 23.

Check out Weezy’s interview trailer below:

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