Lil Wayne Checks Drizzy’s Tags, “I Don’t Think Drake Is A Fashion Dude” [Video]

Lil Wayne Checks Drizzy’s Tags, “I Don’t Think Drake Is A Fashion Dude” [Video]

Young Money boss Lil Wayne recently discussed his protégé Drake’s fashion sense and what Drizzy’s casual dress style consists of.

Laughingly discussing Drake’s fashion choices, Weezy F. Baby gave him props for being a classy dresser.

“I don’t think Drake is a fashion dude, but let me tell you, he’s way more into when it comes to getting dressed, meaning getting dressy. He’s light years ahead of me with that,” Wayne said in an interview. “As far as just kicking it, he’s the khakis, the camouflage pants, and some kind of sweater that says something with a bird on it or OVO or Take Care or something. Yeah, he’s Jewish. [laughs]” (ITN [Productions])

Back in January, rap mogul Russell Simmons co-signed Wayne’s new Trukfit clothing line.

“It’s just that the young men’s brands that had culture in them have grown up and all these young men’s brands have a shelf life,” Simmons said in a video. “So all of them, Sean John’s, Rocawear’s and Phat Farms, those things have a certain cultural space and a lot of young people have grown out of it. A lot of young people have new inspirations and they need something cultural that speaks to them. I think what Lil Wayne does speaks to the next generation and I think there’s a big, giant white space. … The billions of dollars in young men’s brands, a lot of those people are buying Ralph [Lauren] now or they’re buying men’s brands and there’s no new inspiration. So I came to see what Lil Wayne was doing. He’s hitting the nail right on the head. It’s exactly what they need. The young people need something from their generation that’s inspiring, speaks their language and that’s what this brand does.” (Karmaloop TV)

Earlier this month, the rap star celebrated his Trukfit Macy’s launch in Los Angeles.

Rejoice, because Weezy is coming to one of America’s most accessible department stores. Beginning June 1, Lil Wayne’s apparel line TRUKFIT will be available at select Macy’s locations across the country and Macy’ Fans will be able to purchase a wide range of TRUKFIT’s signature t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps. TRUKFIT is available in men’s and boy’s sizes at a moderate price point. (Artist Direct)

A few months back, Weezy promised Trukfit would dominate its competition.

“I do want to say that some things passed this weekend like the Agenda party was this weekend, my line got viewed there,” Wayne said in reference to the clothing-based Agenda Trade Show. “[It’s] my new line, Trukfit, in case you don’t know about Trukfit. Look it up. T-r-u-k-f-i-t. That’s my new clothing line. Trukfit, Truk the world. You’ll hear about it because it’ll be the best clothing line ever in the whole entire [world].” (Weezy’s Sports Corner)

Check out Lil Wayne’s interview below:

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