Lil Wayne Can’t Stomach The Big Apple: “Flat Out, I Don’t Like New York”

Lil Wayne Can’t Stomach The Big Apple: “Flat Out, I Don’t Like New York”

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne may be admired nationwide but when it comes to returning the love, Weezy F. Baby claims New York City is not on his radar.

Asked to speak on last June’s decision to pull Nicki Minaj from performing at Hot 97’s Summer Jam concert, Wayne revealed his stance toward the Big Apple.

Lil Wayne has never been shy about expressing his disdain for New York, but that didn’t stop Tunechi from rolling through the Roseland Ballroom to rock the stage with Nicki Minaj. “Flat out: I don’t like New York,” Weezy told MTV News on Monday night while in Las Vegas to introduce his new line of sneakers with Supra. Wayne’s distaste for the Big Apple performances is understandable, considering it was his 2007 gun arrest after a NYC show that led to his 2010 incarceration. “You’re not supposed to leave it at, ‘Everything happens for a reason,’ ” Wayne said of how the failed Summer Jam set turned into a blessing in disguise. “I believe everything happens for a reason and then you make the most of that reason. I think we made the most of it last week.” (MTV)

Prior to joining the Houston Rockets this off-season, Weezy detailed his dislike of former New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.

“Jeremy Lin has been added to Rising Stars Challenge game for All-Star Weekend after recent Lin craze,” Weezy said, reading from a report. “Now, everyone got the Lin fever and everybody doing the Lin — I don’t, I’m trying to figure out what I call him. Well, he beat my Lakers. So ever since that game, I hate him. So I call him Lin Laden. Yeah, that’s what I call him. Lin Laden. Trend that. That’s what y’all need to start calling him. Lin Laden. But for tonight, Lin Laden was defeated by the Hornets. So seems like Lin couldn’t beat New Or-Lins. Ha! Score for me.” (Weezy’s Sports Center)

Recently, Wayne credited getting busted on a gun charge in New York and later serving time behind bars for sprouting his political awareness.

“I do. … And that comes from age, and that comes from my vacation on Rikers Island (the New York City jail where Wayne did time in in 2010). Now that I know how important voting and elections and all that is. … But everybody know that life is going to be life regardless of who is president.” (Washington Post)

Despite his stance, Wayne rapped alongside Nicki at a New York concert earlier this month.

It was a packed audience full of kids holding up their cell phones when Nicki Minaj took the stage at NYC’s Roseland Ballroom Tuesday night for Pepsi Presents Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Tour: NYC . After canceling last minute at this year’s Hot 97 Summer Jam , Nicki made sure the free make-up show pulled out all the stops. There were four outfit changes (and just as many wigs ), about a million-billion hits and four enormous guests: Cam’ron , Foxy Brown , Drake and Lil Wayne! (FUSE TV)

Check out some recent Lil Wayne footage below:

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