Lil Wayne Breaks Silence On 50 Cent [Audio]

Lil Wayne Breaks Silence On 50 Cent [Audio]

Lil Wayne has finally addressed 50 Cent on his new record, “Let’s Get Money,” citing anti-battle advice given to him by the late UGK rapper, Pimp C.

While it’s unknown when his verse was laid down, Weezy clearly displays his disinterest in the G-Unit leader’s recent taunting.

“That’s my money, that’s my lingo,” Wayne raps, “You gonna always see me with Cash like tango/ That n*gga Pimp called me ‘fore he left this b*tch/ Told me keep doin’ your thing and don’t tell 50 sh*t.” (World Star Hip Hop)

The Grammy-winning rapper has previously dodged questions about engaging in a rap battle with Fif.

50 Cent wants to know whether the leaked Wayne song “Lousianimal” was something relatively current or old. We asked Wayne for some clarity ourselves and he had jokes. “You said it never rains in Southern California? Wow. That’s why I didn’t see people with umbrellas,” Wayne answered after we asked him for a response to 50. Weezy then turned to Young Money artist Jae Millz with a grin. “Me neither,” Millz added. (MTV)

50, whose Before I Self Destruct album still awaits a release date, has attempted to engage in a rap battle with Wayne, dissing the rapper on “Try Me.”

Screaming ‘Boss’/ N*gga you ain’t a boss/ P*ssy n*gga you’re lost,” Fif raps. “Yeah, you’re the best/ You’re the c*ck sucking best/ Go ‘head f*ggot, deep throat it/ Feel it in your chest…This n*gga’s an appetizer. Where you at Wayne? You the full course meal, Wayne. You awfully quiet.” (SOHH)

Fif also issued a warning to Weezy earlier this year in an interview on Shade 45.

“I really don’t look at him like he’s in competition, you gotta have a lot of consistency before we put him in a space where he’s equivalent — he had a great album — but he makes a lot of records and I think he’s gonna exhaust the public with his sound,” 50 said. “Canibus was a talented artist and he came at the wrong time towards LL Cool J. Now, if he makes the mistake of responding, and then we go back and forth and my album is what I believe it is, and it hits the streets as hard as it’s gonna hit it, then how does your next record feel? It damages him completely at this point.” (ThisIs50)

Check out Weezy’s brief 50 reference and judge for yourself:

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