Lil Wayne Blown Away By Nicki Minaj But Admits She Could Do Better: “I’m A Tough Judge & I’m The Boss” [Video]

Lil Wayne Blown Away By Nicki Minaj But Admits She Could Do Better: “I’m A Tough Judge & I’m The Boss” [Video]

After recently crowning Nicki Minaj one of the best rappers alive, Young Money head Lil Wayne has delved into his respect for the self-proclaimed Barbie and touched on why he still expects perfection from her.

While Weezy F. Baby confirmed Minaj is piecing together a new studio album, he described the high expectations he has for the platinum-selling superstar.

“She’s in there going crazy. She’s actually working on her album too,” Wayne said referring to Minaj. “She never fails to amaze me with anything. Honestly. I’m a tough judge and I’m the boss so I kinda will be like, ‘Yeah, that’s nice but you could do better.’ But that’s what I tell myself everyday too.” (MTV)

Although impressed with Drake’s run, Weezy F. Baby recently gave the ultimate ode to his female protégé.

Of Kendrick Lamar, he said, “Ain’t nobody touch that dude.” And he praised the artists on his own Young Money label. He called Drake “a wonderful person” and said Nicki Minaj is not just the best female rapper out there, but the best rapper. “I am not going to be jumping out here talking about, ‘I’m the best,'” Wayne said. (AP)

Last month, Minaj updated supporters on her upcoming Pinkprint solo album.

Nicki says she’s putting her myriad of outside ventures and interests, like fashion, on the back burner while she completes the effort. “I’m just working on the album. Nothing is gonna take precedence over that,” she says. “Nothing matters to me more than creating a classic album right now. All of that can wait. I don’t care about none of that. We at home, working it out.” (Complex)

Earlier this year, she teased fans about the status of her long-awaited solo effort.

“The Pink Print is not gonna have a release date. You’ll never know when it’s coming until it just comes,” Nicki added. “[Will I pull a Beyoncé?] No, no. I’m not. Not all the way. Just meaning in terms of a release date, I won’t set a release date until the album is really done and I’ve lived with it for a long time. I’m not gonna pull a Bey, but I’m just gonna chill for a second and see how it goes.” (Hot 97)

Check out Lil Wayne’s interview:

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