Lil Wayne Applauds Young Money From Rikers Island, “Shout Out For Making Me Proud Last Night”

Lil Wayne Applauds Young Money From Rikers Island, “Shout Out For Making Me Proud Last Night”

Incarcerated rapper Lil Wayne has updated fans on his well-being in Rikers Island and congratulated his Young Money team for their achievements at last night’s BET Awards 10.

Writing via his Weezy Thanx You blog, the rapper spoke to his fans and supporters.

“I hope everyone’s summer has been going well doing whatever it is you like to do. On my end, I’m alive, breathing and blessed. You already know how I’m passing the time – reading and working out. I know I say it every letter, but thank you from the bottom of my heart for the pictures, rocking free weezy tees, and continuos letters. They mean the world. I promise to continue to update as much as I can and answer as many questions as I can from you guys. Shout out to my YM family for making me proud last night. Love and appreciate life. God bless.” (Weezy Thanx You)

At last night’s awards ceremony, Drake and Nicki Minaj both won awards.

Best Female R&B Artist: Alicia Keys, Best Male R&B Artist: Trey Songz, Best Female Hip Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj, Best Male Hip-Hop Artist: Drake, Best Collaboration: Jay-Z & Alicia Keys’s “Empire State of Mind,” Video of the Year: Beyonce & Lady Gaga‘s “Video Phone,” Centric Award: Monica. (Shallow Nation)

During her acceptance speech, Minaj dedicated the “Best Female Hip Hop Artist” trophy to Wayne.

Sporting red-orange hair, a cream-colored corseted gown and chunky jewels, the star took the stage after embracing her fellow Young Money superstar Drake. The rap diva dedicated her award to her mentor, Lil Wayne, saying, “This is for Dwayne Carter.” Minaj gave him credit for “predicting” her success and thanked him for his “tough love.” (Drake also thanked Weezy when he won for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist.) (MTV)

Recently, Drake talked about Young Money still thriving despite Wayne’s current incarceration.

“His approach with his artists is very trusting, very fearless, and because of that, we have been put out into the world like trying to make people love us for who we are on our own, without Wayne,” Drake explained in an interview. “So with Wayne gone, its possible for me and her (Nicki Minaj) to still thrive. I think that’s the best approach and I respect Wayne so much, because he urged us to be ourselves maybe in anticipation for the day that he’s not here. So we can still be ourselves without him. I don’t need Wayne to be Drake. I’m a better Drake when Wayne is here, but I don’t need Wayne to be Drake. Nicki doesn’t need Wayne to be Nicki. She created Nicki [Minaj]. We’re all a better team when he’s here, but it’s not a necessity. For us, it’s a great thing so we can still carry this movement.” (All Hip Hop)

Lil Wayne was sentenced to a one-year jail bid last March on a gun conviction.

Check out Nicki Minaj dedicating her trophy to Lil Wayne down below:

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