Lil’ Wayne Appears In AZ Court For Drug & Weapons Case

Lil Wayne

Mega rap star Lil’ Wayne was in Arizona’s Superior Court yesterday (November 6) for a hearing pertaining to felony drug and weapon charges stemming from last year

According to the Yuma Sun, Weezy was in attendance for a status hearing that scheduled a date allowing prosecutors to give their arguments before a judge.
“This is a pretty standard hearing,” Prosecutor Deann Sandry said in a statement.
The rapper’s attorney, James Tilson, is requesting the case be sent back to a grand jury in order to have a new finding in the case. Tilson alleges the grand jury threw in additional charges the county attorney’s office were unaware of.   
There is also a request to have training records of the canine dog, which alerted authorities to narcotics on Weezy’s tour bus last winter leading to his arrest.
Brought in January 22 at a United States Border Patrol checkpoint, DEA agents reportedly discovered four ounces of marijuana, over an ounce of cocaine, 41 grams of Ecstasy and a .40 caliber pistol registered under Weezy’s name. 
The rapper was required to attend the hearing since he missed his last one in August because he was recovering from oral surgery.
Weezy’s next scheduled court date is Friday, November 21. 
In related news, the rapper is also facing drug and weapon charges from a New York arrest in July 2007.
Arrested after a performance at New York’s Beacon Theater, police found a .40 caliber pistol and marijuana in Wayne’s tour bus. After various testimonies from both sides, the rapper’s attorney Stacey Richman is requesting all charges be dropped claiming authorities falsely said they smelled marijuana in order to illegally inspect the vehicle.
The multi-platinum rapper has pleaded not guilty and is currently free on $70,000 bail. If convicted, he faces up to three and a half years in jail. He is due back in court in December.
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