Lil Wayne Addresses Seizure In New Footage: “I Felt That Love Laid Up In That Motherf*cking Hospital Bed” [Video]

Lil Wayne Addresses Seizure In New Footage: “I Felt That Love Laid Up In That Motherf*cking Hospital Bed” [Video]

Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne has released a short video dedicated to fans, going over his hospitalization last week after suffering a hard-hitting seizure.

In the footage, Weezy F. Baby thanks his supporters for standing behind him and sending him positive energy during the hospital scare.

“5, 4, 3, 2, what’s poppin’ y’all? Tunechi’s in this b*tch,” Wayne said in a video directed by DJ Scoob Doo and dated March 20th. “I just want to say thank-you to all y’all for your prayers and your concerns and all that. I swear to God I felt that love when I was laid up in that motherf*cking hospital bed. But I want all y’all to know that I’m good, a n*gga more than good. Also, my bum a** album’s still coming out March 26th, it’s the 26th? March 26th. I Am Not A Human Being II — I’m still going on tour, America’s Most Wanted Tour, with some of my closest friends in the game, speaking of my closest friends in the game, I got my n*gga right here to elaborate on that subject.” (TMZ)

Grand Hustle head T.I. also appeared in the video to confirm their plans for an upcoming summer tour.

“What’s happening, homie,” Tip asked Weezy. “You good, I’m good, we good, it’s all good. Ain’t nothing too it. Eh man, Hustle Gang, Young Money, partner. I hope you n*ggas brung money because it’s going down, holmes. July 5th.” (TMZ)

This week, Tip explained why he went into a rant against gossip-driven website TMZ last week after it initially suggested Wayne was on his deathbed.

“I was with him last night,” T.I. tells “omg! Insider’s” Nina Parker. “He is doing fine. We were actually watching the game and he’s hoping the Lakers go to the finals. Listen man, I’m all about doing what’s right, and I don’t have any personal beefs or conflicts with anyone. I’m just about doing what’s right and when you put things out of such a graphic nature that are inaccurate, I think you then put children, mothers, families through unnecessary grief.” (OMG Yahoo)

A few nights ago, Wayne updated fans on his condition via Twitter.

“Watching Highly Questionable on ESPN2 & Papi got me kry’n laughing in dis b!t[#,” Wayne tweeted March 19th.

“I’m feeling a lot better and again thk u all for ur love and prayers. It was truly felt…pause” (Lil Wayne’s Twitter)

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Check out Lil Wayne’s video:

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