Lil Twist Talks Young Money’s Spot In Rap, “We’re The Strongest Team & We’re Gonna Be Here For A Long Time”

Lil Twist Talks Young Money’s Spot In Rap, “We’re The Strongest Team & We’re Gonna Be Here For A Long Time”

Young Money’s Lil Twist recently spoke on Drake releasing Thank Me Later and who would be next in line to keep Lil Wayne‘s imprint going.

Twist believes Drake got the wheels turning and has upped the expectations for YM.

“Drake got the door open for Young Money even more,” he said in an interview. “With Wayne, our big bro, being locked up we knew that Drake was gonna be that guy to make sure that Young Money didn’t fail. The mood is different now than when Tha Carter III dropped because there’s new people on the roster. Now we’re even more together so it’s more of a movement than when Tha Carter III dropped. We’re stronger…I don’t know who’s next after Drake but it will be whoever is ready [because] Drake’s new album is gonna be big. His impact on the game is that he wants to bring it back since so many people are saying that it’s dead. When he came into the game he had something that was different so he just wants to be that guy to bring it all the way back. He has that something that’s needed so Young Money is feeling good. We’re all different artists and we all have different styles. We’re the strongest team and we’re gonna be here for a long time.” (VIBE)

Aside from Drake and Nicki Minaj, Wayne previously explained the background artists on his team.

Gudda, he’s got this aggression about him,” Wayne said in an interview last summer. “I wrote his first rap for him, and I never written another rap for him ever since that day I told him he should be a rapper…I know [Chuckee] is gonna make it. It’s like in sports when you got that Kobe Bryant. You don’t know what to do with him, whether to play him the guard, center, small forward…[Streets] is more like my brother…He’s been with me since Gudda. He’s like my protector. Anybody wanna play games, T-Streets is right there. So I make sure T-Streets is on everything I do, always around.” (MTV)

In Wayne’s absence, Young Money has inked Lil Twist to an official label deal.

Drake and Nicki Minaj aren’t the only ones in Young Money creating industry buzz. Now teen rapper Lil Twist, who has long been associated with Young Money has officially signed his deal with rapper Lil Wayne’s label Young Money Entertainment. Lil Twist has officially inked his contract with Universal/Young Money, with a rumored 1.3 million dollar signing bonus. Twist’s debut album is set for release late this summer. His official single “Love Affair” is gaining lots of attention from the fans and he is shooting a video for that in the upcoming week. (New Lil Wayne)

Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment was reportedly launched six years ago.

Young Money Entertainment aka Young Moola is an American hip-hop record label which was founded in 2003 by Lil Wayne. The distributing label is Universal Music Group and the label is an imprint of Cash Money Records. The president of Young Money is Mack Maine who took over from Cortez Bryant in 2009. (Lil Wayne HQ)

Check out a pre-jail Lil Wayne interview with him speaking on Young Money down below:

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