Lil Scrappy, Warren G, Playaz Circle, Juvenile Name Barack Obama Person Of The Decade

Lil Scrappy, Warren G, Playaz Circle, Juvenile Name Barack Obama Person Of The Decade

As we move forward into a new decade, SOHH spoke with Lil Scrappy, Warren G, Playaz Circle and Juvenile to find out who had the biggest impact in society over the past ten years.

Without doubt, the top choice amongst all of the rappers the SOHH polled was President Barack Obama.

“Oh, Obama,” Scrappy said without hesistation. “Obama, yeah, ain’t nobody more impactful than Obama. F*ck all the other sh*t, f*ck your day dreams, you feel me? Like, that’s a dream come true. That’s an impact, I lost my breath when that sh*t happened.” (SOHH)

Warren G also highlighted Barack’s emphasis on making universal change for Americans.

“I gotta give it to Barack Obama because he’s the president and is the first black president,” Warren G explained, “so far he’s made an impact as far as this health insurance and he’s making an impact as we speak on the economy, I know it’s not right away but it will happen. And people gotta understand that it’s not just gonna happen overnight.” (SOHH)

Playaz Circle also felt Obama was a top candidate for person of the decade.

“Probably Obama,” Tity Boi reflected for a minute. “Well, but that’s recent. “Osama Bin Laden,” Dolla Boy added. “He went and f*cked everything up.” (SOHH)

Juvenile saw the president’s election as instrumental motivation for minorities.

“I gotta say Barack Obama definitely because I don’t think we ever had not just a black president, but a black vice president,” Juvenile explained. “I never heard of that either so just to have him in office, it kinda gives the minority the chance, we all feel now we have the opportunity to do anything. So it’s kinda like a big thing not just for blacks, but all the minorities around the world so Barack is definitely the biggest impact.” (SOHH)

Check out Juvenile speaking with SOHH about decade highlights below:

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