Lil Scrappy Wanted By Police Over Messy Pee-Pee Problem

Lil Scrappy Wanted By Police Over Messy Pee-Pee Problem

Atlanta hip-hop artist Lil Scrappy is reportedly being hunted down by police over a urine dispute dating back to a 2008 arrest.

Details of the unusual arrest warrant surfaced online entering into the weekend.

Lil Scrappy has pissed off the police … because he allegedly refused to piss for police … and now a warrant has been issued for his arrest, TMZ has learned. The urine controversy bubbled to the surface back in March … when the “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star was required to submit to a pee test in Georgia as part of his probation, stemming from a 2008 pot arrest. Problem is … officials say Scrappy tried to turn in a urine sample that was cold to the touch … and cops believe it may have been tampered with. They refused to accept the sample … and told Scrappy to provide a fresh cup of yellow gold. But Scrappy refused the pee demand, denied the allegations of tampering and left the premises … so officials issued a warrant for his arrest, claiming he once again violated his probation by not cooperating. (TMZ)

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” rapper’s lawyer has already stepped forward to address the situation.

We spoke to Scrappy’s lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, who tells us Scrappy plans to appear in court on May 16 to address the issue — and says, “It is our hope that the Judge will recall the revocation warrant that is currently pending against Mr. Richardson.” He adds, “Since Mr. Richardson’s release from jail, he has been reporting to probation as ordered and doing his best to comply with all conditions of probation.” Meanwhile, sources tell us … Scrappy plans to turn himself in to police next week — and we’re told VH1 cameras will be rolling to capture the moment … of course. (TMZ)

A few days ago, Scrap’s name sprouted online over an outstanding legal debt.

The 29-year-old Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star will finally be making good on a 3-year debt he’s been neglecting. Back in 2010, Scrappy was ordered by the Georgia court to pay $72,218.68 to a concert booking company called Heavy Rotation. Three years later, the number is now up to $108,510.38 with interest and attorney’s fees. Whoops. Now the court has signed off on a payment plan that entitles Heavy Rotation to a chunk of Scrappy’s Love & Hip Hop paychecks as soon as they are issued to him, until the debt is satisfied. Zoinks! Lil Scrappy and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-star Erica Dixon have a child together. Ironically enough, one of Lil Scrappy’s most well-known rap tunes is called “Money in the Bank.” (Wet Paint)

Outside of legal woes, Scrappy spoke to SOHH last summer about hip-hop artists swaying away from the reality television trend.

“I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t think [it’s rappers being less] camera shy, I just think there’s certain people that let it be known they are super thugs and they are super human and if they were to let people into their life and have them find out that they weren’t super, that they just like them, they probably wouldn’t feel them as much. Whatever they would try to put out there [on store shelves] wouldn’t work, you feel me? Only certain people can be loved for being real. Sometimes people are a little too real, get carried away and so you wouldn’t know.” (SOHH)

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