Lil Scrappy & Rah Digga Air Out Mitt Romney: “He’s Not Even Making Sense”

Lil Scrappy & Rah Digga Air Out Mitt Romney: “He’s Not Even Making Sense”

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy and Rah Digga showed they were locked in to last night’s first presidential debate and what issues they had with Republican politician Mitt Romney.

Scrappy questioned Romney’s debate tactics, specifically, a lack of detailing his own plans.

“Mit Romney does nothing but criticise the president #BarakObama an he nver explains his plan or y do he not want middle class n under on top,” Scrappy tweeted October 4th.

“Wow so n*ccaz talkin bout how I spell the maggots name ,yall n*ccas really said f*ck wut I ment an criticise my spellin only #blackfolk” (Lil Scrappy’s Twitter)

Digga went a bit harder and analyzed every one of Romney’s moves last night.

“Can’t figure out for the life of me how anyone thinks Mitt Romney is winning this. He’s not even making sense to me. *shrugs*,” she tweeted.

“I stopped paying attention to Romney when he said kids should borrow money from their parents and start a business…”

“That right there let me know he’s ABSOLUTELY clueless about the state of our people… #4moreyears #TeamObama”

“That was the 1st round of 3. And like any good battle you don’t spit ur hottest verse first. Obama did what he was supposed to do IMO”

“Can’t wait til the fact checkers weigh in…” (Rah Digga’s Twitter)

Various accounts suggest Romney may have had an edge on President Obama last night.

The Republican nominee was quick on his feet, polished and feisty as he repeatedly cut off the moderator and challenged his opponent on the facts. His central argument — that Obama’s economic policies have consigned the middle class to an eroding “status quo.” Echoing the words of Vice President Biden earlier in the week, Romney said: “Under the president’s policies, middle-income Americans have been buried.” Liberal pundits and supporters of the president expressed disappointment coming out of the debate, while conservatives were ecstatic. (Fox News)

Recently, rap veteran Nas stressed the importance of taking part in the voting process.

“The future of this country is in the hands of the young people. We have the power. We can go to the polls and droves — and vote to get the person that we want. We can do that,” Nas said in his first-ever PSA. “Now that I’ve voted, I feel so much power that I didn’t feel before. I feel like I’ve got power, like what I say matters.” (Our Time)

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