Lil Scrappy Explains 50 Cent’s Young Buck Reunion Issue, “[50] Was Kind Of Tainted By The Game Situation”

Lil Scrappy Explains 50 Cent’s Young Buck Reunion Issue, “[50] Was Kind Of Tainted By The Game Situation”

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy recently updated fans on his status alongside 50 Cent and “Money in the Bank” collaborator Young Buck and offered his take on why they have yet to reunite.

In Scrappy’s perspective, the 2005 departure of former G-Unit member Game left a bad taste in 50’s mouth.

“It’s cool, it’s cool. I was just with [Tony] Yayo the other night. He just wants to work, man. 50 wants to work. 50 hated on my first single, “Money In The Bank.” He was like, ‘What you gonna do, throw money in the video?’ He wanted to keep the crunk thing going,” Scrappy said in an interview. “We kind of fell out. He said, ‘I’m just gonna chill on the situation,’ but told me to use the situation. I keep in touch with Buck. I told 50, I would have never [turned my back on Buck]. [50] was kind of tainted by the Game situation. He was up on me, but kind of falling back at the same time.” (XXL Mag)

Back in 2009, Scrappy said disloyalty and money ultimately separated 50 and Buck.

“Buck is my homie; he’s like a big brother you never had,” Scrappy explained in an interview. “50 is also a big brother you never had. I was around both of them when they would talk about each other love-wise, and that sh*t just flipped, which is what money does. 50 is a real dude. He didn’t have to do any of that sh*t for none of us. Young Buck and Lloyd Banks were the first ones. I didn’t really get the love that they got. 50 thought they were his babies and if you talked to him, he would tell you that.” (HHDX)

Despite a few diss records, Buck Marley recently said his Unit issues are a thing of the past.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had any kind of conversation with [Lloyd] Banks, [Tony] Yayo, 50 [Cent], anybody really through that camp over that way,” Buck told DJ Whoo Kid in an interview. “It’s been even a long time since I heard your voice to even have a conversation and we having it on air, live for the people. … At the end of the day, we’ve made history and I would never not consider not being a chance for us to make history again if ever given the opportunity or chance. My thing is, at the end of the day, we only get older out here in this situation, in life, in itself and the older I became, the wiser I became at the same time.” (Shade 45)

The Atlanta rapper previously spoke to SOHH about labelmates beefing with one another.

“You can’t,” Scrappy said about avoiding inner label beefs. “Everybody got their own ego, everybody got their own manhood, everybody got their own. Even, some people don’t know they’re haters and they end up hating the other dude, you feel me? For no reason, hating them because he got so much swag. Or he’s hating because he’s doing better than the last dude so there’s always gonna be haters everywhere you go, even on the label. If there’s haters in church then there’s gonna be haters on the label, there’s gonna be haters in the courtroom, there’s gonna be haters on the label. There’s haters everywhere, you got people that’s putting out your music that hate you, so sh*t, that’s hard…If you a real gangsta, cuz, you tell the n*gga to go meet you somewhere. Whatever we gonna do, let’s do it and be done with it. If you ‘not’ gonna do it, then make that joint big. Get some money off of it ’cause when you going against each other, you really don’t make no money, ’cause his fans don’t like you and the other dude, his fans don’t like you. So they would have bought [your merchandise] if y’all weren’t even beefing.” (SOHH)

Check out a recent Lil Scrappy interview below:

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