Lil Scrappy Breaks The Rules, “On This One, I Just Said What The F*ck I Wanna Say”

Lil Scrappy Breaks The Rules, “On This One, I Just Said What The F*ck I Wanna Say”

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy is putting new music out with a vengeance these days and claims his post G-Unit/Disturbin’ Tha Peace records will hold nothing back.

According to Scrappy, his forthcoming The Grustle album will let fans hear his uncensored thoughts.

“The concept is just goin’ hard,” Scrappy asserts. “Speaking my mind and not really givin’ a f— ’cause normally I be like, ‘I ain’t gon’ talk about that, I ain’t gon’ say his name.’ But on this one I just said what the f— I wanna say…Everybody know me just for crunk — I’m on everything now. People want me to be in that same place but I’m not in that same place anymore. I’m 27 years-old, I will not be jumpin’ on that crunk music. I’m into f—–‘ with the women, I’m in to getting’ money.” (BET)

Last week, Scrappy announced parting business ways with Ludacris‘ DTP to go independent.

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy announced this week the upcoming release of his new album via a new recording venture. Scrappy’s G-Sup imprint has partnered with S-Line, a company owned by Scappy’s manager Kevin Clark. G-Sup/S-Line has embarked in a joint venture with Bonzi Records, a label owned by platinum producer J Wells and distributed by Universal/Fontana. (Press Release)

As the LP continues to come together, fans can expect to hear Scrappy alongside rap stars like Bun B and Twista.

Lil Scrappy’s new album The Grustle is set for an early 2012 release. According to the label’s early reports, the album will feature a stellar line up of appearances including the ones by hiphop legend Bun B, lyrical phenomenon Twista and critically acclaimed newcomer 2 Chainz, among several others. Hit producer Non-Stop, who is known for his work with the likes of T.I., Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, E-40 and more, will handle most of the production duties for the project. (Press Release)

In late 2009, Scrappy hit up SOHH and talked about partnering with Luda.

“Luda let me do my thing,” Scrappy told SOHH. “[DTP manager]Chaka, everybody let me do my thing. They come in where they come in. Where I need them to come in, they come through and do they label thing. But me, I’m me, by myself. I’ve been doing it by myself — that was the whole thing with getting off Warner Brothers and not messing with Violator Management, going to get my own management. Nobody sent them to me, somebody to really get my team right…Or I could be like Beanie [Sigel], you know what I’m saying, just go hard on Luda cuz. [laughs] I don’t know if I’m gonna win or not…[laughs].” (SOHH)

Check out a past Lil Scrappy interview with SOHH down below:

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