Lil Scrappy Addresses Stabbing & Arrest Reports, “It Wasn’t My Knife & I Beat The F*ck Outta Him”

Lil Scrappy Addresses Stabbing & Arrest Reports, “It Wasn’t My Knife & I Beat The F*ck Outta Him”

Atlanta rapper Lil Scrappy has come forward to kill rumors circulating across the Internet claiming he was stabbed and arrested while in his hometown Saturday (October 15) night.

Resorting to Twitter, Scrappy defended his name and said the new rumors are based on a past incident.

“I’m alive an ok yall dnt listen to old rumorrs I been gettin mula,” he tweeted October 16th.

“An also it wasn’t my knife it was his an ibeat the f*ck outa him an got charges to prove an at the same end they found pounds n the trunk”

“They also found 4pounds an 11k wit a gun” (Lil Scrappy’s Twitter)

The alleged incident took place some time Saturday (October 15) evening.

Apparently, Lil Scrappy lost control of his knife and the other man turned it on him and began stabbing him in the chest. The only reason he didn’t die is because his sister begged her boyfriend to stop. That’s a pretty scary situation and obviously Scrappy shouldn’t have been involved in the first place. (Celebs Gather)

Additional reports claimed he was later arrested by law enforcement.

When the police arrived on the scene they found a .38 Caliber, 2 lbs of weed and 8 grand in his car. Scrappy is in stable condition and is currently being held on $1500 bond with charges that include felony firearm possession, felony marijuana possession, misdemeanor battery, and misdemeanor obstruction of officers. (24 Hour Hip Hop)

The same stabbing report emerged online in July 2008.

Lil’ Scrappy was arrested on Friday (July 18) after getting into an altercation with his sister’s boyfriend. The rapper, whose real name is Darryl Richardson, was taken to jail in DeKalb County, GA after police responded to a call about a fight in the Stone Mountain area. Richardson was stabbed during the fight but his condition was listed as stable and he was subsequently released from jail after posting $1,500 bond yesterday (July 20). He was arrested for felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a firearm/knife, and obstruction of officers. (NME)

Check out a recent Lil Scrappy interview down below:

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