Lil Mama Gets Blasted For Costly Mistake: “[She Pulled] One Of The Dumbest Moves Ever”

Lil Mama Gets Blasted For Costly Mistake: “[She Pulled] One Of The Dumbest Moves Ever”

New York hip-hop artist Lil Mama is catching some heat this week after reportedly paying nearly $20,000 to one of her former lawyers.

According to reports, Mama had to cough up around $18,000 after failing to compensate an attorney.

Lil Mama — the rapper behind the song “Lip Gloss” — just got destroyed in court … after pulling one of the dumbest moves ever … TMZ has learned. Mama was sued by her lawyer — a guy who specializes in intellectual property — who claims he busted his butt to protect her rights to the name “Lil Mama.” Kind of an important guy in her life. Problem is, the lawyer claims he worked for Mama until 2011 … but she stopped paying him in 2008. So, he did what lawyers do … he took her ass to court. In the end, the rapper (who also starred as Left Eye in the recent TLC movie on VH1 — suffered an embarrassing and expensive defeat and was ordered to pony up roughly $18k for the bill, interest and other fees. Moral of the story: don’t stiff your lawyer … idiot. (TMZ)

Prior to starring in the new TLC biopic, Mama updated fans on her music career.

“I’m definitely gonna go to Paris, and do what I want, when I want, how I want. But I think when [radio host] Angela Yee, one of the jocks on [Power] 105, she was like, “Well, Lil Mama, you know, you’re saying that you plan on moving to Paris, but then I don’t think you’re serious about your music.” But, it’s like Jay-Z and Kanye have a song called “N*ggas in Paris,”…we can go to Paris, we can go to Africa; we can go to Egypt; we can go anywhere in the world; China, Japan…hip-hop is forever and hip-hop is universal. I can go to Mars and make music. So at the end of the day, anybody that thinks like that, like if you go to a different country or continent or place that you’re not serious about your music, that doesn’t make sense to me. Music never stops. Music is alive.” (XXL Mag)

Mama previously hinted at plans to pack up and head out to Paris.

“Um, I’m just living my life, you know,” Mama said when asked if she is working on a new album. “I’m about to move to Paris. I don’t even know about music anymore. [Am I serious?] Maybe. I just dropped a new single, ‘On & On & On’ and it’s getting a really good response. So I just want to thank my fans for that. (Rap-Up)

Since signing to Jive Records around 2007, Mama has only released one album.

VYP (Voice of the Young People) is the debut album by rapper Lil Mama which hit stores in the U.S. on April 29, 2008, however, the album was released in the United Kingdom on April 28 before its official release on April 29. Its first single was “Lip Gloss”. Its second single was “G-Slide (Tour Bus)”. The third single, “Shawty Get Loose” features Chris Brown and T-Pain. The album debuted at number 25 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, selling 19,000 copies in its first week. (Wikipedia)

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