Lil’ Kim’s Protégé Cuts The Tape, Gets Her New Diggs On

Lil’ Kim’s Protégé Cuts The Tape, Gets Her New Diggs On

[With her new Goal Diggers finally available, Lil’ Kim protégé Tiffany Foxx gives SOHH readers the scoop and breaks down the message behind her follow-up to last fall’s Yellow Tape mixtape debut.]

Goal Diggers was one of those things where Yellow Tape was a rebellious type of mixtape that I just wanted to get out there. I didn’t have no direction, I just wanted to introduce who Tiffany Foxx really is and to see how everybody would relate to it. If they didn’t, I didn’t give a sh*t.

The entire time, it was such an overwhelming response that I was like, “Dang, I want them to see my growth,” because I’m always in the studio, I’m always working on new material with music and stuff like that.

It was really hard for me to hold back the things that I wanted to get out here. I’m working on my next mixtape right now. It was one of them things where Goal Diggers had been done since around the release of Yellow Tape.

The more people got to know me, the more they were getting exposed to Yellow Tape. So it was like, d*mn, the people that had been riding with me since day one, I didn’t want them to get bored like, “Where’s the new material?”

I was really just trying to find some balance for the people that are trying to get to know Tiffany Foxx and the people that have been with me for the longest. But it is what it is. It’s stuff that I couldn’t hold back.

I wanted everyone to come on this journey with me, I didn’t want people to sit back and get bored. Everybody always stays on their toes with what Tiffany Foxx has cooking up.

Tiffany Foxx attributes Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim, Eminem and Adele as being her irreplaceable musical influences. A reflection of her personal style, Tiffany Foxx’s music maintains the description of “street couture.” In her music, you can hear her love for fashion and style and her story of struggle and sacrifice. Having claimed personal triumph over tragic events in her past such as sexual assault and other personal struggles, Tiffany Foxx refuses to allow any worldly force to keep her from realizing and living her dreams. Regardless of disappointing deals with past managers and shady industry characters, she remains focused. Having overcome both professional and personal obstacles over the years, the dominating theme for Tiffany Foxx in life and music is that of pride, independence, perseverance and humility.

Check out the new mixtape:

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