Lil’ Kim Wipes Up Messy Drake, Alleged “B*tch Made” Remarks

Lil’ Kim Wipes Up Messy Drake, Alleged “B*tch Made” Remarks

New York rap veteran Lil’ Kim‘s camp has stepped up to clear the air on reports claiming she publicly went off on Young Money rapper Drake in light of his recent scuffle with R&B singer Chris Brown.

The Queen Bee’s camp said there is absolutely no truth behind the alleged quoted disses.

“As it pertains to the story that was allegedly posted by the Phoenix Times, I would like to inform fans, media, and the general public,that the fictitious editorial is just that,” says her publicist. “My client did not participate in any interview with the Phoenix Times or anyone else for that matter. As Kim’s publicist, I oversee all media matters and have never arranged anything with the Phoenix Times. Please disregard this nonsense and any other foolishness.” (HHW)

Additional reporting claims her publicist swallowed the gossip in a separate statement.

VH1 reports that Kim’s publicist has issued a statement condemning reports that the Queen Bee had harsh words for Drizzy, when asked about his recent brawl with Chris Brown, saying, “JUST AN FYI..THAT ARTICLE BY THE PHOENIX TIMES IS FICTICIOUS..A FAKE,A FRAUD,END OF STORY,IM NOT SPEAKING ON IT ANYMORE SMH @ PHOENIX” (Rapfix)

Reports of Kim’s anti-Drizzy remarks began circulating online yesterday (June 21).

New York rapper Lil Kim is slamming Drake over last week’s nightclub incident with Chris Brown, claiming the Canadian singer is “b*tch-made” and a closet homosexual. “Drake’s a bottom – y’all know what I mean when I say that,” Kim says in a candid interview with PRLOG. “What I know about Drake is he is b*tch-made. Meaning he’s an instigator, and a p*ssy. He had no issue stepping to Lil Kim, I’m like five feet tall. But he didn’t try stepping to Chris, a man, because he’s simply a coward,” she shares, discussing Brown and Drake’s showdown inside SoHo hotspot WIP. (RumorFix)

Back in 2010, Notorious K.I.M. went at Drizzy for calling her out in defense of Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj.

“I used to really like Drake…for him to have the audacity to disrespect me? He’s gonna shout me out, when Ray J‘s the one who said it? How b*tchy do you look right now? You look like a straight p*ssy…You came at me, and I’m the f*king female… I didn’t even know [Ray J] was gonna do this sh*t….when he was on stage and he said what he said, I had no choice but to back him…” (Miss Info TV)

Check out some recent Lil Kim footage below:

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