Lil’ Kim Talks “Dancing” Gig, “I’m Totally Not What You Guys Think” [Video]

Lil’ Kim Talks “Dancing” Gig, “I’m Totally Not What You Guys Think” [Video]

Rapper Lil Kim has offered her thoughts on being a “Dancing With the Stars” contestant, admitting she has a tall task at hand with limited dance experience.

The Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee opened up about her anticipation for the show to begin.

“When I was in prison me and my girls used to watch it,” Kim said in an interview. “My girlfriends would say, ‘Kim, you need to be on that show,’ it used to be the number one show in prison…I’m totally not what you guys think I am. That’s why I’m doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ because you will see who the real Kim is…I’ve never had dance experience, aside from doing videos and stuff like that…It’s different, it’s very different. It’s not easy.” (The Insider)

She will join the likes of other popular entertainers.

Grammy-winning rapper Lil’ Kim, Professional Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, actress Denise Richards, country singer Jewel Kilcher, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and reality TV star Steve-O, are confirmed as signing up for the dancing competition. (All Headline News)

This season will also place couples together.

Julianne Hough will be partnering with none other than her real-life boyfriend, country singer Chuck Wicks. Jewel and her rodeo-riding husband, Ty Murray, will make “DWTS” history as the first couple to actually compete head-to-head. Also making “DWTS” history: Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast-moppet Shawn Johnson, who at 17 beat out Cody Lindley as the youngest contestant of all time. (Los Angeles Times)

The series is scheduled to kick-off next month.

Season eight, which begins March 9, brings seven men and six women the chance to hoist the super-silvery prize above their heads. And for the first time three real-life couples will face-off on the dance floor. (ABC News)

Check out Lil Kim speaking about her role on the show:

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