Lil’ Kim Stung W/ $2.5 Mil Lawsuit

Lil' Kim

New York rapper Lil’ Kim is being sued by popular producers Trackmasters who claim they have made substantial financial sacrifices for her, and after after Kim didn’t live up to her end of the bargain, are now demanding millions of dollars in return.

According to TMZ, the duo, made up of Poke and Tone, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (October 7) alleging they helped the Queen Bee pay off her $200,000 debt with Atlantic Records, shelled out $1.6 million to begin the company Brookland for Kim, moved their offices to the same area as her New Jersey residence amongst other accusations. 
Trackmasters, filing the suit under Lil’ Kim’s (born Kimberly Jones) company, allege the rap star had full knowledge of the commitments they made and were failed to be compensated.
“[Kim] made [an agreement] knowing that Plaintiff would rely and act on it by, among other things, incurring recording and production costs and paying a substantial advance to Defendants,” the suit reads. “[Trackmasters] reasonably relied upon Defendants’ promise by producing tracks for the mixed tape and album, paying an advance, forming Brookland, and moving its offices and studio to Alpine, New Jersey.”
The producers are also seeking full recovery and withdrawal of any material recorded by the Brooklyn emcee under their company, Brookland.
“Brookland is entitled to an order requiring [Kim] to deliver up on oath and to impound all copies of all master recordings, videos and videograms embodying the vocal and/or musical performances of Defendant Jones that have been created or are now being created in violation of the Brookland Recording Agreement.”
In addition to full compensation plus damages, the men are also requesting that all employees and associates of Brookland be restricted from working with Kim on anything music-related.
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