Lil’ Kim Stings The Foxy Brown Summer Jam Rumors

Lil’ Kim Stings The Foxy Brown Summer Jam Rumors

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil’ Kim has stepped up to clear the air on recent rumors and speculation of a possible Hot 97 Summer Jam reunion going down with music rival Foxy Brown.

According to the Queen Bee, they were never supposed to grace the stage together and end their decade-long feud.

While taking MTV News on a tour of Biggie’s Brooklyn prior to the 2013 VMAs, Lil’ Kim took time to deny the rumors alleging that she and Foxy Brown were slated to hit the Summer Jam stage together. “We were never ever supposed to be on that stage together,” Kim explained. “That was not true. She was coming out on a earlier song in earlier in his set and I was coming out on a later song and that’s how it was. That’s just what it was.” (RapFix)

A few weeks ago, Foxy also said there were never any plans for her to share the stage with Kim during rapper Fabolous‘ set last June.

“This story is not true,” Foxy said about the Hot 97 reunion rumors. “What’s been alleged is not true. Scary. It’s so scary. I never thought I would miss the days of Paula Froelich and Wendy Williams. I thought I would never say I would miss those days, no really, but at least there was an ounce of validity to their reportings back then. … Anybody that saw Summer Jam pictures saw Foxy Brown ‘on’ stage, the pictures with Raekwon and I onstage. Foxy Brown was never late, let’s see, it’s a touchy situation because I have a lot of respect for Fab, my brother and Fab are like brothers — let’s just say it wasn’t orchestrated properly and when you have something of that magnitutde, I understand, I have a brain — some part of that [proposed reunion] has to feel real. It has to be real.” (RapFix)

She also confirmed Fab approached her about the idea and said her personal beef with Kim was deeper than just a rap conflict.

“The night before he calls me — ‘I wanna ask you something, I don’t know how you’re gonna feel about this but I’m going to ask you — how would you feel if I brought Lil’ Kim out with us on stage?’ I said, ‘That would be crazy.’ … The last time she and I were even [around], there was a shoot-out, the last comment I ever remember her making about me, she laughed at the fact that I lost my hearing. Those things, when people do things like that, and they have malicious intent, that’s different than people just having a rap battle.” (RapFix)

Last June, reports of Foxy’s late arrival ending a possible reunion surfaced across the Internet.

Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim both touched the stage at Summer Jam XX on Sunday. While Nicki was a guest of 2 Chainz, Lil’ Kim had MetLife Stadium buzzing when she surprised during Fabolous’ set. The Queen Bee performed “Queen Bitch” off her debut Hard Core. “When we talk about the ni**as who be killin’ it from Brooklyn, it was only right that we got the queen out here,” said Fab. There were also rumors that Foxy Brown was supposed to appear during Loso’s set, but she was running late. (Rap-Up)

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