Lil Kim Says Nicki Minaj Beef Was Avoidable, “That Would’ve Been Big For Both Of Us”

Lil Kim Says Nicki Minaj Beef Was Avoidable, “That Would’ve Been Big For Both Of Us”

Today, Brooklyn rap veteran Lil Kim revealed past plans to possibly join Birdman’s Cash Money Records team and said her current war of words toward Nicki Minaj was avoidable.

Kim believes a Cash Money deal and collaboration could have cemented Minaj as a partner in rhymes.

According to the Queen Bee, she was on pace to sign with Cash Money, the same label that made Nicki a star. “Me and Slim were friends for four years, and we decided that we were going to go into business together,” Kim said of her plans with CM co-CEO Ronald “Slim” Williams. “I was over there with Cash Money — I was getting ready to be partners with them.” The deal didn’t go through, but Kim did record “Grinding Makin’ Money,” a track that included both Birdman and Minaj. The Notorious K.I.M. claims that the track was slated for Birdman’s 2009 album Priceless but didn’t make the final cut. “They put the record out. I guess they didn’t like the response — they saw the response and they pulled the record off, pulled it back, never put it on his album, nothing,” Kim said. (MTV)

Tensions boiled late last year when Minaj dropped her alleged “Stupid H*e” subliminal directed toward the Queen Bee.

Nicki Minaj teams up with famed director Hype Williams in the colorful video for “Stupid Hoe,” a single from her sophomore album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, now due April 3. The animated Barbie rocks a closetful of wild and wacky looks in the explicit clip, which premiered online. “Can’t premiere on a network b/c its important that my art is not tampered with, or compromised prior to you viewing it for the 1st time,” explained Nicki. Unleash the beast. (Rap-Up)

Following the song’s December release, speculation grew on who Minaj targeted.

Two weeks after dropping “Roman in Moscow,” the first single off “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded” (Feb. 14), Nicki Minaj’s alter ego Roman Zolanski returns to fires shots on her newest song, ” Stupid Hoe.” “B*tch talkin’ she the queen when she looking like lab rat,” Minaj raps in the beginning of “Stupid Hoe.” Is Minaj talking about Lil Kim, also known as the Queen Bee? The shots carry throughout the song, as Minaj transitions from rhyming to singing and back again, “Stupid h*e is my enemy/ Stupid h*e is so wack/ Stupid h*e should have be-friended/ Then she could have probably came back.” Sonically, the new track sounds quite similar to “I Get Crazy,” a cut off Minaj’s last mixtape, “Beam Me Up Scotty.” (The Juice)

Months later, Kim downplayed the platinum-selling rapper’s alleged diss track.

“I didn’t even know, who is that, who?,” Kim playfully said when asked for her opinion on Minaj’s Grammy Awards performance. “[How do I feel about ‘Stupid H*e?] I’m pretty sure I feel the same way everybody else feels right about now. [laughs] You know. If you have to make a song called ‘Stupid H*e,’ you must be a stupid h*e.” (“Watch What Happens Live”)

Check out a recent Lil Kim interview below:

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