Lil’ Kim Reveals Unreleased B.I.G. Tracks: “I Do Have Some Songs W/ Biggie On It” [Audio]

Lil’ Kim Reveals Unreleased B.I.G. Tracks: “I Do Have Some Songs W/ Biggie On It” [Audio]

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil’ Kim has revealed she is currently sitting on top of some exclusive, unreleased tracks from hip-hop mogul Notorious B.I.G., nearly 20 years after his passing.

While she would not dish out too many details, Kim said Big’s former deejay provided her the exclusive audio.

“Actually [Diddy] and I have started to work back together, because I’m the female face of Ciroc [Vodka], ’cause I do have some songs with Bigge on in. … Even though Big is my family, to be able to do something again with him now, it seems like it’s always such a pleasure,” Kim said in an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. “I was around greatness. I was his biggest fan and that don’t happen. You don’t get linked up with the person you look up to. You know, crazy, so that was a blessing for me. … I remember his old deejay 50 Grand, years ago, he came to me years ago like, ‘Kim, I got some stuff that nobody’s ever heard before,’ and he gave it to me and it’s some crazy stuff on there.” (“Whoolywood Shuffle”)

Last week, the Queen Bee talked about finally having enough strength to celebrate her rap mentor’s life.

When the Queen Bee appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday, she fielded a question from Bun B, who lost his UGK partner in rhyme Pimp C back in 2007. “How was it dealing with the loss of Biggie for you in this industry,” Bun asked Kim in a pre-taped video. “Bun B, that’s a very tough question because it took me so long — super long to deal with the loss of a person who was such a huge impact in my life,” she said. The Notorious B.I.G. was tragically murdered on March 9, 1997 and while his passing saddened the hip-hop community as a whole, each year, fans, DJs, club promoters and other artists acknowledge March 9 as a day of celebration for Big’s life and music. (MTV)

She also revealed plans to remember his legacy during a B.I.G.-themed concert.

Kim first made her mark as a part of Biggie’s Junior Mafia crew, and at one time, she carried on an intimate relationship with the fallen MC. On Saturday, Kim will celebrate, for the first time ever, at club Glazz in Queens, New York. “That’s my first event ever on March 9 because I used to get offered events a lot and I said ‘no,’ ” she said. “I never celebrate that day. It’s so funny because I can always feel when that day is approaching. I get so depressed. I get so sad. It happens before March, in February. I can feel it coming and I used to all say ‘no.’ “So to answer Bun B, I’m just now getting over that fact, and it’s how many years later,” she said. (MTV)

In 2011, Kim reflected on how much of an impact the late rap icon had on society.

“I will say this though, I will say that I always felt like Biggie and Tupac’s deaths were bigger than how they tried to make it out to believe it to be,” Kim explained in an interview. “It’s bigger than [former Death Row Records owner] Suge Knight being involved. I think it was even over his head. Them two were very powerful guys. They both could have ran for mayor just like Arnold Schwarzenegger and probably [have] won. You know, I think the government was looking at it like, ‘We could not have these two hood dudes with this much power running for mayor and something like that and winning.’ They would have lost control I think. I think it was way deeper than what people would like it to be.” (Lady T Video)

Check out Lil’ Kim’s interview:

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