Lil’ Kim Reveals The Mastermind Who Solved Her “Dead Gal Walking” Problem

Lil’ Kim Reveals The Mastermind Who Solved Her “Dead Gal Walking” Problem

Brooklyn rap veteran Lil’ Kim may be one to keep secrets but is making sure to let everyone know the person responsible for taking some pressure off her back in light of a copyright suit over her “Dead Gal Walking” cover art.

Following the revamped artwork’s release, the Queen Bee publicly acknowledged who is responsible for the new visual.

“Thank U to @DustyAceti a huge fan and talented graphic designer! Muuaahh!!!,” Kim tweeted November 14. (Lil’ Kim’s Twitter)

On the new single’s artwork, Kim kills off the neon colors and goes with a darker theme.

Lil’ Kim has revealed the new cover art for her single “Dead Gal Walking.” A zombie Kim lurks in the background on the dark and bloody artwork designed by Dusty Designs. The original cover sparked controversy after makeup artist Samantha Ravndahl claimed Kim took her photo and used it without permission. Ravndahl tells TMZ that she posted the selfie online and soon noticed that Kim was using it on her social sites. She is hoping to reach a financial settlement and avoid a lawsuit. (Rap-Up)

Details of Kim’s messy legal case surfaced online Tuesday (November 12).

Lil’ Kim is a ghoulish thief who ripped off a creepy pic of a decaying skull … and is now claiming it as her own … so says the professional makeup artist who took the pic and is demanding $$$. Samantha Ravndahl tells TMZ … she’s not only the artist … she’s also the girl in the picture — which shows a green-faced woman with rotting flesh and exposed parts of her skull. Ravndahl says she posted the macabre selfie online … and soon discovered that Lil’ Kim was using the very same image on her own social media sites. (TMZ)

To make matters worse, the Queen Bee also specifically used the image as the “Dead Gal Walking” artwork.

Ravndahl tells us … she contacted Lil’ Kim’s people asking for payment and got the runaround — first she was told Kim wasn’t willing to pay anything … and when Ravndahl persisted … was told that Kim’s team “works slowly.” All the while … Ravndahl says Kim continued to re-post the image on various sites … even using it as the artwork for her single, “Dead Girl Walking” … and had the audacity to add a copyright logo. Ravndahl hasn’t filed a lawsuit … yet .. but she’s considering it. She’s still hoping to get some kind of financial settlement. We’ve reached out to Lil’ Kim’s people … but haven’t heard back yet … because they work slowly. (TMZ)

Last month, the Queen Bee spoke on the “Dead Gal Walking’s” overall theme and motivation.

“It’s a very strong, serious record, but at the same time, feel-good,” Kim told MTV News on Wednesday (October 11). “There’s a lot of things that can turn you into a dead girl or a dead man walking and nobody wants to be that. So, I guess my message is ‘Don’t become a dead girl or dead man walking. Live your life right’.” (RapFix)

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