Lil Kim Puts Comeback Album On Hold, “My Schedule Is So Crazy” [Video]

Lil Kim Puts Comeback Album On Hold, “My Schedule Is So Crazy” [Video]

Rapper Lil Kim recently discussed the holdup of her new album and said her work on “Dancing With The Stars” is to blame.

Kim did, however, announce the release of a forthcoming mixtape.

“Never, music is in my heart and that’s the reason I’m on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ because I’ve always felt music,” Kim said about abandoning music. “Right after ‘Dancing With The Stars’ [new album is coming.] My schedule is so crazy with ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ We rehearse six to eight times, from eight hours a day, so it’s like, I do have time on the weekends to go into the studio and when I do, I do a little bit. I have a song out right now with T-Pain…I’m about to do a mixtape with my people, it’s gonna be called Lil Kim: Family & Friends…And I’m paying for the music videos.” (The Q Deezy Show)

The rapper has continued to make her rounds on the popular competition into its final weeks.

Lil’ Kim didn’t have to sweat it out for long on Tuesday night’s episode of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” She and Team Tango started the show with an encore of their performance to “Womanizer.” This time she was able to correct last night’s missteps. Now, it’s down to the final five: Lil’ Kim, Shawn Johnson, Ty Murray, Gilles Marini and Melissa Rycroft. All of them have been called contenders, but who’s going to shine next week. Find out when ABC airs “Dancing With The Stars” on Monday night at 8 p.m. EST. (S2S Magazine)

The Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee previously opened up about her anticipation for the show to begin.

“When I was in prison me and my girls used to watch it,” Kim said in an interview. “My girlfriends would say, ‘Kim, you need to be on that show,’ it used to be the number one show in prison…I’m totally not what you guys think I am. That’s why I’m doing ‘Dancing With the Stars’ because you will see who the real Kim is…I’ve never had dance experience, aside from doing videos and stuff like that…It’s different, it’s very different. It’s not easy.” (The Insider)

She joined the likes of other popular entertainers.

Grammy-winning rapper Lil’ Kim, Professional Football Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor, actress Denise Richards, country singer Jewel Kilcher, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and reality TV star Steve-O, are confirmed as signing up for the dancing competition. (All Headline News)

Check out Kim’s interview below:


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